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My Motivational Monday post – with steps to get in shape

My Motivational Monday post – with steps to get in shape

On Motivational Monday it should be all about motivation and inspiration to get you going so let’s not make any exceptions and will share you my motivation on the week.

So the bad news is that after 6 months fighting to get rid of the results of my summer intoxication in Portugal ( which despite on unfortunate events did not ruin that wonderful road trip). turns out that I have a partly conclusion – I won a gastritis! (yeah, how you get that in your twenties, you will ask? Well intoxication and stress, my friend. Stress is the root of the evil. Telling you!). 

Needless to say that have been quite down because of this – uncertainty, pain, discomfort, medicine, gym&workout skipping due to that, which has lead to a weight gain and slight obsession of losing the weight, work traveling and mental exhaustion of all work overload. So let’s say this fall hasn’t been the most relaxing, BUT finally I am one step closer resolving the issues – first, I have diagnosis and second part of exam results will come in 2 weeks.  Honestly I am quite glad of this diagnoses because I finally know what it really is and I can start fixing it.

Next is getting back in shape and now I also know that I can (officially not because I feel like )and should exercise, so that makes me happy and today is gym day! Additionally the weather is nice so going to work with bicycle again, despite of freezing in the morning for the first kilometer I do enjoy my 8,5km ride. (This is going straight to my cardio extra sess’).

This is me doing weekend workout at park next to my home. Had an intensive HIIT session to get that body working. (More on Wednesday what exactly I did).

Park workout by Miss Athlètique |

Park workout

As my second step in my self motivation program is getting in shape than gym means much to me – no excuses and no skipping – essential to recover and to get back in shape. (After all Christmas holiday’s are coming).


Muhamed Ali quote

-by Muhamed Ali

body goals

Body goals

..and to get those goals no excuses are accepted. (  I am my own hardest coach). So no whining or crying just hard work and no skipping despite being constantly on the road. 

When traveling I bring with me everywhere my basic fitness essentials to have a workout in my hotel room if there is a) no gym in the hotel or b) no space in your carry-on bag for full equipment/ shoes.

My travel workout kit essentials |

My travel workout kit essentials

of course not working out those days when waking up at 4am to hit the airport and working all day till late night, but next morning I am. Should try too. 

Of course important is to remember also mindfulness: stop, breath and enjoy. Yoga and stretching should do the trick so getting back in shape with some good old yoga moves and stretching for that flexibility. 



and last but not least is the clean eating. Well usually I do eat clean ( the 80/20 rule) but this time I have to even change some of my diet rules and timings and food according to the diagnosis and so it means excluding Greek yogurt and tomatoes which is the biggest pity for me as do use them daily. Coffee is fine to give up, after my caffeine tolerance experiment I am quite ok to get back  only to teas.  

gastritis diet food list

Gastritis diet


My super motivation comes from holiday approaching, getting healthy and happy again and coloring my life with more energy, colors and new experiments and also I know I can do it, so feeling ready to prove it to myself what a girl with a determination and a goal can do! 

Let’s do this!


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