Why you should not make new year’s resolutions

Why you should not make new year’s resolutions

Hola chicquitas and chicos! Happy New Year to y’all! Delayed, you will think? Nah, just in time. In time for catching up and making up those plans for 2017 with some concrete dates and actions to make this one amazing year!

So New Year in Mexico was pretty amazing – sun, sand, great beach and wonderful time, but about that on Sunday. Now, let me tell you what, for the first time, I didn’t do – I didn’t make any resolution this year at all. Just because it does not make any sense to me. My year doesn’t finishes, and magically starts something new and all old is forgotten and also, all the resolutions set in new Year’s eve usually are forgot in 2 weeks time leaving delusion and bitterness for another failed one.

new year's resolution weight loss chart

New Year’s weight loss resolution chart

So if you are the majority of us than you know that some of resolutions, especially weight loss/ exercise ones has been broken, abandoned and pretty fast.

pusheens resolutions

Pusheens resolutions


So we have noticed that reality is pretty harsh , especially when we make those big and sincere plans to whole world and ourselves and it just destroy us and our self credibility when they fall apart. For numerous reasons – health issues, work, stress, travels, lack-of-time, etc. all those resolutions just brings us down and makes as hard to pick up any goal and actually achieve it. And the New Year – is the worst of all, because it’s such a big event the whole world is celebrating that it just asks for some new begining.


Winny the Pooh Resolutions

Winnie’s way of New Year’s resolutions

 ..and than as Winny is saying – it just somehow falls apart after the New year’s eve in couple of weeks, despite you start with the right foot to and set your goal to either lose the weight/train/ run more/ travel/ learn new things.

The thing is that whenever you make that resolution on New Year’s eve or even on Sunday – you are waiting from some kind a small miracle to happen the next day and the day after to make it happen and help you to achieve this goal, but the awful truth is – that resolution is like all dreams – they are not working unless you do! 

So ditch the resolutions and instead make a plan an detailed agenda with things you want to do and note down the things you already did. (to look back and be grateful for and keep you motivated). 

If you will keep on waiting for things to start & to happen -you will never start and they will never happen! I guarantee you that! Just go out and get them! Work for them! one day at a time. 

You want to visit Everest? Sign up for gym to practise your stamina, climbing machine or alpine courses, go out and explore the nature. put aside piggy bank and start saving up for the tickets with a deadline. calculate how much you have to put aside in a month to see when you will be able to buy them.

Want to lose that weight? Have gym subscription? good. Don’t have it? Well work out at home, go for a run/ brisk walk – daily or bi weekly – whatever fits. But calculate your time ahead of the week or weeks so you do not skip trainings. ( When you skip – you cheat yourself and it will just bring you down and skip more and more.  Don’t do it!). Need some workout basics – check out my trainings and workouts – I am sure you will find something for you!

And if in Milan – you can always come to work out with me at park on weekends.

As for dieting -that’s the tough one, but so rewarding. So don’t wait a Monday to start, start now or start when you are ready/ determined and focused. Like me- i started last Friday. A random day. Why? well because was trying to recover fro mthe sickness and restarting a normal eating habits and holidays were to get a break from everyone and everything and now I feel physically and emotionally ready for a tough challenge. So for diet – make plan with check in points and stick to it, no matter how bad day you had or that colleagues brought croissants for breakfast – just don’t do it!

My first check-in point – my birthday. My BIG birthday on 28th January. scary ( mostly for the birthday not for the check in).

Make those resolutions into goals with a detailed steps to achieve them and you will succeed.

And if you wish to change or improve your or other lives this year than watch the movie HUMAN. Will make you think and re-prioritize. 


So ditch those resolutions and make this year of dreaming, helping and laughing more. Living more.

a different kind of resolution

a different kind of resolution


Keep rockin’ and stay tuned!

XoXO Egitaa

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