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Recipe: Coconut Berry (protein) Whities

Recipe: Coconut Berry (protein) Whities

 As Sunday is my only free day of the week I try to do the things that makes me happy, like experimenting with healthy food recipes and travel. where I went this Sunday will write about in my next post:) but now will share my awesome, new healthy snack recipe: Coconut Berry Whieties.( Actually whities is not a real word, but if there is a brownie, why there cannot be a whitie ?


This recipe is really easy and fast and super healthy. so all you need is (love 🙂 ):
1 cup Greek yogurt (i use without tastes but can try different)
1 scoop vanilla protein powder (same here – taste as u prefer)
1 cup coconut flour
1 handful fresh blueberries
1 handful red berries (mixed)
2 tbsp almond milk (syrup – really low on calories. original recipe asked for Maple Leave syrup, but i prefer something less cloric. this one has just 51 kcal per 100g)
a hint of vanilla and a little bit of stevia
Mix together, put in a dish or forms ( i used silicone muffin molds) and freeze it overnight – voilà! it’s ready! 🙂
Nom-nom 🙂

mix everything together
add almond syrup
put in forms
freeze overnight
perfect, healthy coco snack ^_^

and here is nutrition facts.


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  1. […] As I am personally not big fan of pudding I would substitute this with a Coconut and Greek Yogurt snack – whieties. You can find recipe here. […]


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