How to turn your obstacles into a motivation

How to turn your obstacles into a motivation

Autumn is here and as the days got shorter seems that also motivation is starting to becoming more and more absent from our everyday lives. As for me I think I have mastered the way to turn each excuse or objective into a motivation to keep on going.

As been facing them all than I am pretty confident that know answers and how to trick the body get over the obstacle and stay focused and keep striving for progress.

Here are my autumn fitness and clean eating obstacles and how to get over them:

  1. It’s getting cold in the morning/evening to go for a run/workout outdoors.

Sunrise over Milan |

Sunrise over Milan

Solution: if you go for a morning run will be able to see a nice sunrise.

Motivation: If you got for an evening run/workout you are finally able to wear some nice,long leggings and show off the world. (Good reason to go shopping).

Remember: it’s cold till you warm up. afterwards the temperature will be pleasant and will not be too hot for an evening workout like in summer! (think about it!)

My way:  I go with a bicycle to the work and have seen some of the nicest sunrises ever. As for a workout – I got 2 new ones and couldn’t wait to trade them in from the shorts. Always go for colorful leggings – gets me going.

2.  Too tired to cook, so better order a pizza/junk food

healthy eating

Healthy eating menu for a week

Solution: MEAL PREP! 2 magic words that always works out splendidly. if you plan and prepare your week & meals in advance you will be able to resist to the temptations for junk food and stick to the diet.

My Way: I stuck my fridge with clean food only and on Sunday night prepare food for next 2 days, if necessary also for some special meals if know I will not have time too cook. For example having an early flight to catch in the morning? no problem – make an overnight oats and will have breakfast served right away!

3. Gym is packed – I better skip till the waters cool down.

Muay thai girl |

Muay Thai lessons always makes me happy

Motivation: Again! skipping is not a solution!you will just miss a training and mostly likely will start a bad habit and skip also next one (it’s a slippery road, my friend).

Solution: Go and work out outside, if weather allows (plan ahead) or substitute gym training with a home workout by using one of the fitness apps. (I always go for my own HIIT training routines or get inspired by NTC workout.

My Way:  went home and hit the park and had a great Muay-Thai lesson instead of gym workout. Fresh air and got those muscles moving anyway.

We all have struggles, I know. Mine is managing time between work (long working hours, hello?!), travelling ( for work), every day life, gym, teaching English, living outside the city and trying to have a social life (rarely,but trying). therefore when the end of the day/week arrives all we want to do is treat ourselves with some junk food/snack, be lazy and just get a break, but this is time when you really need the most exercise and insisting on your objectives because when it’s the most difficult and you are about to give up because that light by the end of the tunnel is not on yet. this is when the change is about to happen! Believe in them and in yourself and be your own motivation!



How you motivate yourself to eat clean and workout this autumn?



Stay tuned and Happy Monday!

XoXO Egitaa


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