Motivational Monday – Why you should sign up for an adventure

Signing up for an adventure is easier to say than actually do it. Especially when you are burying yourself in works, studies, and just every day routine and when the weekend comes you just want to stay in and sleep.

lazy weekend in bed

Lazy weekend

Of course sometimes it is just an absolute necessary to have one lazy weekend when you lock yourself in a house and just get some deserved rest and sleep and time for yourself to recharge batteries ( especially when the weather outside is rainy as have been here for last couple of months).

It is important for overall wellness to have some mental relax: getting away from crowds, buzzing city life, computer, social networks and routine and the best thing to do it is to say YES to an adventure!

Even the smallest ones, just say YES! get out of the routine, change something and it will change you, will make you grow and get to know better yourself and the world around you.

Every time we do something different, not ordinary we learn something through our experiences as well as your body will produce new feelings: adrenaline, thrills, boost imagination and produce happiness hormons. So overall it will contribute to your overall health and reduce stress. ( Don’t know how about you, but mine is overwhelming with work, wedding coming up, organization, business trips, workout, diet, teaching, lessons and everyday chores, so having something to get my mind on ease and get my soul happy is an opportunity I wish to take).

Here is some of my fun moments and small adventures I said ” yes” to! and you know what? I do not regret any of my ” yes!”

Bicycle trip on 2nd date to find a lake near Milan

Bicycle trip on 2nd date to find a lake near Milan

Needless to say – we did not find lake. the “lake” I had in mind was actually a water reserve. However had a great bicycle ride with my future fiancee.


hello Kitty Milan model

Participating in Photo shooting for a Hello Kitty t-shirt

Had my butt hurting for the jumps to rock that t-shirt on downtown of Milan, but definitely was worth the fun. Here is the complete review.

rainbow hair - cult shoes photo shooting

Cult shoes photo shooting with a rainbow hair


Here is the time when I was asked to shoe model for new Cult shoes campaign. To do the part for summer – they colored my hair in all rainbow colors. and I must say – it was fun too! Complete photo shooting you can find- here.

Expo Kimono 2015

Putting on Kimono for a company event at World Expo 2015

Also this was slightly embarrassing moment to think to go to a company lunch at Japan day events in Expo 2015, which was held here in Milan, wearing my kimono. However despite of 2h trying to master perfect hairdo Japanese style and looking the part as real geisha I think pulled off my “asian” heritage pretty good. ( Here is the complete Japan Day in pictures).


..and there was a time I decided to try out my hand in shooting.

Shooting lesson

Shooting lesson

I must say that it is definitely not that easy as they show in movies. The adrenaline rush was extreme and my heart was racing when held in hands a gun ( especially when they gave me a riffle.. yes, I shot also with a riffle). But definitely worth trying. Also a definite mood booster.


tiger petting

Tiger petting in Thailand

Well this was something I knew I always wanted to do – pet tigers ever since I saw them in a circus when I was 6. And I realized this dream just a year ago in Phuket, where they live in a reservoir – their own kingdom ( not drugged and completely normal as they should be). Here is complete adventure in Phuket.


Than of course there are adventures like road trip in Portugal – that was last week and coming up this weekend where you decide to finally go surfing! ( As see is in my blood than Portugal was a perfect place to try out surfing)..

surfing with friends

Surfing with friends

And talking about beach – if you ask me – I believe it is the best medicine in the world for stress, anxiety and troubles.

beach quote

Day at beach is a happiness for me

When I was teenager and started my first blog ( anonymously) I instantly knew that the name to it should be associated with something that I love, represents me and describes it – so my nick name was Beachgirl. This name because I grew up at beach, loved spending every minute of my life there and it is a place that just makes me happy.

laughing with friends

The best moments are the ones spent laughing

This picture truly represents me at beach – laughing, cheerful and playful. Fulling around and just being happy.

Therefore if the weather allows and have a free time – I try to have a city-getaway to the beach. (From Milan the closest one is Liguria and this is what I did also this weekend – went to explore a new seaside village at Liguria. ( Soon on my blog).)

So these are just couple of my adventures that I have signed up for to get my mind away from the every day routines and get rid of stress and fatigue with new twists and experiments of life and in general make it more colorful and adventurous so can share it through stories to my grand-grand children and in my memoirs one day.




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