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How to get the best of your first surfing lesson

How to get the best of your first surfing lesson

” Surfing is a physically demanding sport. You need to be strong, flexible and have excellent endurance. The fitter you are, the longer you’ll be able to surf for. The faster you can paddle, the more waves you’ll get”. This quote by Surfingsite truly sums up the necessity of being in a good physical shape to try out your first surfing experience.

And I can definitely second this statement for being in a pretty good physical shape myself, but still here are some of my suggestions what helped me to get the best out of my first surfing lesson in Portugal last week.

Surfing was one of my main objective (as well as childhood dream) for this trip to Portugal with my girls along as a getaway from everything and everyone just to have an adventure together.

Preparing for your first surf lesson ( o whatever else lesson) is all about knowing what to expect and be ready to adopt as well as previous preparation helps too.

As mentioned for me strength training from gym sessions as you will need some strong arms (to paddle), strong legs (for jumping on board and getting up), endurance – to fight the waves, some agility and flexibility as well to keep your balance and help to navigate.

So adding some strength training additionally to your workout before your surfing lesson is more than recommended. (My friends had some serious muscle pain in arms a day after – so I know what I am talking about).

Good idea is also to add some extra stretching lessons as well as balance lessons.

surfing with friends

Stretching before riding the waves

As not the best with my balance than I constantly try to improve with adding some exercises on balance board or gym ball or just balance practice. (Additionally here are surfer tips for getting in a wave rider shape)

For more some great surf preparation and articles for beginners – check out this article by Surfing site and this one from Tactics for Basics of Surfing.

Than of course to make the best out of it – choose wisely your surfing instructor and a perfect location to surf.

Riberia d'Ilhas - surf place at ericeira

Surf school and chill out place at Riberia d’Ilhas, Portugal

For us – we chose the World Surfing reserve –  Ericeira city in Portugal and Ribeira D’Ilhas spot and a Blue Ocean surf school there as for our first surf experience. As professionals with on of the well know surf spots in world – they really know their waves and what to expect.

( Oh, and prepare -the water is quite “cool” there. As believe being more Brazilian blooded than Latvian, than was freezing despite having wet suit after couple of hours in +16C).

Important that you bring with yourself a sunscreen ( even if the day is cloudy) the more the better, as you will get sunburn for sure if not having one. (Here are some rules and tips to follow under sun).

A good idea is to prepare also with some warm hoodies and towels and find some nearby place to reward yourself with something warm afterwards. I went for a big cup of a warm infusion ( ginger and lemon tea) and warm fish dish to warm up my soul and nutrition my body after such a great workout.


A good company is the basic component for any adventure

Lastly can add the best component is and always will be a company with who you are with – because that’s how you make the best memories and have the best experience in every lesson. And I had a first surf lesson ever! (Also because I even manage to make a perfect stand up! So proud! Felt like a kid at her birthday scoring a long desired gift! and couldn’t wait to get back in and try to catch another wave. i am sure it will not be the only one as planning to keep on striving for progress and catch some waves).

Stay tuned for rest of the Portugal adventure.


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