Playa del Carmen Christmas getaway was like a dream come true! Putting bikini on during winter period and hit the beach, dance in the sand, swim with turtles and sleep under palm trees! This was probably one of the most longed trip I have ever had in my life – just to get away – far, far away where the sand is white, ocean is blue and the life is colorful just like the murals, city and people in Mexico.

Usually in adventures in new countries I plan many things I wish to try, taste and see, but this was slightly different trip – this trip was to seek a peace, relaxation and a proper getaway to recharge batteries, reflect and reconnect with the life, priorities and simply enjoy life. Read More


It’s official! It’s August! It’s Monday! It’s last 3 days before packing bags for holiday! ….aaaand that’s not it! it’s also the week when I am getting married! ( So I hope now it explains where I have been gone for last weeks. I was trying to manage everything including wedding details, long working hours, busy travel schedule and fighting of a mysterious sickness. (Said this I hope I am excused for being absent).

I must say I haven’t yet realized fully that I am getting married by the end of the week, especially because I am still at work and life seems regular – massive blue circles under eyes and work amount as high as mountain! BUT, that does not change fact that this month is going to start a new adventure and will have a new status! ( Now I assume Italians can officially address me as SIGNORA. And I will not mind). Read More

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” Surfing is a physically demanding sport. You need to be strong, flexible and have excellent endurance. The fitter you are, the longer you’ll be able to surf for. The faster you can paddle, the more waves you’ll get”. This quote by Surfingsite truly sums up the necessity of being in a good physical shape to try out your first surfing experience.

And I can definitely second this statement for being in a pretty good physical shape myself, but still here are some of my suggestions what helped me to get the best out of my first surfing lesson in Portugal last week. Read More

Signing up for an adventure is easier to say than actually do it. Especially when you are burying yourself in works, studies, and just every day routine and when the weekend comes you just want to stay in and sleep.

lazy weekend in bed

Lazy weekend

Of course sometimes it is just an absolute necessary to have one lazy weekend when you lock yourself in a house and just get some deserved rest and sleep and time for yourself to recharge batteries Read More


Another weekend is over but still loads of things left to plan and prepare ahead as next week will be real busy. The Exitment is real – this weekend I am oficially opening beach season as I am heading to – PALERMO! Been looking for opening my summer with something new and exciting adventures and discoveries and I believe that Sicily is exactly what I need to give the right tune for it.

To give you a taste of my mood and hype I am having right now – listen to the song by Mark Ronson – Feel Right and it will take you there.

This acient Mediterranean capital – “città delle delizie” the city of delights (from Italian) is  more than 2700 years old where is living harmoniously Arabic domes, Baroque style churches, Art Nouveau buildings, eighteenth-century green spaces and bustling traditional markets similar to the Arab souk. All this and many other things I have already read, noted and found out about this wonderful city today as I dedicated it soley to a reserch and preparation for my short trip next week and. Also I have made a check list what to see, do and try while being there to create some wonderful memories.

Read More

It’s been a while since I last time managed to run away from Milan and it was not for a work.

Lately I have been travelling like a flight attendant and working day and night that’s why I said to myself (and to my boyfriend): ” That’s it! you and I need a break!and we need it now!”He completely agreed and on a sunny Sunday morning we headed North to find a place called Catedrale Vegetale – a Green tree Cathedral somewhere in mountains which was suggested by a friend . Sounded mysterious but I did not mind – in contrary was happy to get some little dose of Italian mountain beauty and have a small adventure.


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