Signing up for an adventure is easier to say than actually do it. Especially when you are burying yourself in works, studies, and just every day routine and when the weekend comes you just want to stay in and sleep.

lazy weekend in bed

Lazy weekend

Of course sometimes it is just an absolute necessary to have one lazy weekend when you lock yourself in a house and just get some deserved rest and sleep and time for yourself to recharge batteries Read More


Mornings are getting fresher and air is getting chillier and you can definitely feel that today is the first day of autumn.  Even though the sun is still shining it is not as hot as it used to be a month ago and we will not manage to blink our eyes that the colorful leaves and fall rains will arrive so it is last opportunity to make the best out of this wonderful weather and enjoy the last sunny days by spending them outdoors!

I actually do enjoy this weather a lot because you still can dress light but mornings asks for some scarf/ poncho perfectly pairing with a tumbler filled with a good, green tea you to warm you up.

So the first thing to embrace the outdoor wellness is to get yourself a good cup of a green tea to start morning right, boost your immune system and detox your body. Read More


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