Workout/Food: 15 Exercises to burn off calories taken by that delicious junk food

Workout/Food: 15 Exercises to burn off calories taken by that delicious junk food

If you have ever been on a diet you probably know how hard is to resist a temptation of snacking and having a cheat meals outside the diet plan and especially of those sweet/ salty delicious ones. I am not a chocolate lover but I know people who are and their struggle of giving it up. The same is for bad eating habits, like Cheeseburgers, popcorn with a movie (guilty, guilty guilty), Coca Cola, cocktails during Happy Hours with friends and so on and on. We all have our week point and some foods that is hard to resist especially when you are trying to reach a goal, like loosing weight or improving your eating habits. As I am currently on a super strict diet than I know what I am talking about resisting those food cravings and temptations just to reach my aim even if I don’t see it in a mirror yet..
Even it has been a while I am living and eating healthy and clean even I have days when my leg (hand) slips and I eat something I really shouldn’t..yes, I am human too! But as long as it is a balance and a cheat meal does not turns into a cheat day or even worse – a week – it is fine to give yourself a break. But have you ever stopped and think what is the consequences of that all delicious, bad food to your body?
I did! and trust me, this really inspires me every time I am sweating my butt off in a gym. Because burning those bad calories are 10 times harder than taking them up.
Here comes some popular foods and their calories together with exercises you should do to burn them off… Behold!
1 large fries are equals to 524 burpees


Wow! isn’t that amazing?! so many burpees to kill those 570 kcal of a large French fries. And do you know someone who likes burpees? I don’t. i am not sure I even know anyone who could make 524 burpees at once..

Beware of those liquid calories
Beware of those liquid calories – they are sneaky, little bastards and you gulp them down easily but not so easy to get them off afterwards. and the worst thing is that all those sugars goes directly to your gut..
1 Oreo cooky is equals a hell lot of Jumping Jacks
Jumping Jacks always reminds me of a US Army or navy warm up however 1 Oreo is equals to 15 minutes of those.
Think before you eat
This picture I once accidentally found somewhere and saved in my phone therefore when when I feel like having an unhealthy food I just look it up and ask myself if it is a really right choice at the moment. Especially knowing how much sweat and tears it will take to burn it afterwards. Not even talking about ruining progress and feeling bad afterwards.
(If the design did not make it real to you – here is a pictures i gathered together).
72 minutes of skipping will burn one milkshake
16 ounce frappuccino will be burned in 170 min of Pilates
And again – pay attention to those liquid calories extra carefully because they sum up with the food, you know?!
If you want to know what’s exactly in those delicious Starbucks drinks – check out their website for precise indications.
McDonald’s Big Mac is 530 kcal = 30 min running up the stairs
After running 30 minutes up the stairs just to burn those Big Mac 530 kcal, I don’t really see how one will be “lovin’ it” !
(For McDonald’s nutrition facts in their products – check here).
And here comes our favorite Coca Cola that goes down so good with Big Mac, pizza slice..well almost everything..just 139 kcal..
9 minutes of intense running to burn 1 can of Coca Cola
According to Coca Cola it would take 9 minutes of intense running, or 17 minutes of Zumba to kill that one can of the world’s most popular soft drink.
Actually the Coca Cola’s homepage has a nice suggestions to work out to kill those calories taken by their drinks, so check them out here in their Work-it-out suggestions and don’t forget to read the workout benefits while you are there.
Here comes my favorite, bad snack – M&M’s.. small pack of those delicious peanuts is 250kcal..
It takes 32min of Mountain Climbers to burn small pack of M&M’s
..and to burn them off is equal to 32 minutes of Mountain climbers exercise according to FitClick.
How about that for a motivation to say NO to those bad snacks?
I know it looks scary and when the hunger strokes we do not really think how hard it will be to burn them off but even moments of weakness try to make the best choice available, like swapping that Snickers bar for fruits.
Fruit plate vs Chocolate bar
 Hope this little picture post will inspire and motivate you to keep your hands off those bad foods you really don’t need. Will power!


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