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Every country has it’s own eating culture and Italy is definitely leading the list of the most exquisite, various and delicious cousins in the World. As I have been living in this food mecca more than 5 years already of course I have also picked up some Italian recipes, eating habits and tips that I use and incorporate in my everyday diet and dishes to make them more various, interesting and alternative. 

One of my all time favorite snack is friselle. Which is a a kind of durum wheat bread that is a specialty of Southern Italy, in particular the Puglia region.  They have the form of donuts, they are salty and are usually accompanied by tomatoes and eaten with some oil on them to soften them.

The recipe is really simple:

Friselle with tomato and basil

Friselle with tomato and basil


Instructions: Take friselle soak them in a water for couple of seconds. (I usually put them under a running water as it is potable) than put on plate and add fresh tomatoes cut in cubes, some fresh basil*  and some olive oil to soften them.

Ready to be served. 

Friselle - a Specialty from South of Italy

Friselle – a Specialty from South of Italy



  • In order not to make it to fall apart it must be enjoyed immediately as will not be able to hold it anymore.
  • I am growing basil on my balcony – perfect for so many dishes, especially Italian cuisine. Really easy plant to grow and take care of and doesn’t ask much attention. just watering regularly.)

This is my one of favorite Italian snacks that is fast to make, healthy and perfect between meals that I enjoy occasionally on Cheat days (usually Sundays once in while). 


What is your traditional, easy snack you love? 


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Every time I go back home to Latvia I am trying to get my hands on all the good and delicious local foods that you just cannot access to living in Italy like: sea buckthorn, wild cranberries, black bread, curd, power milk*, chanterelles, apples from my garden and so on and on.  I always try to incorporate them in my diet while I am there as well as try to bring back with me as much as possible. So needless to say that my getaway has a particular diet while I am here. 

BUT that doesn’t mean that I am not following what I am putting on my plate. I still stick to my diet, but just trying to freshen it up with a local super foods. Here are some of my recommendations to stay in shape (and even improve it), that you just MUST try, while you are in Latvia (or any other North European country for that matter). Read More

Fit food & Drinks

I did it! I signed up for a house that will give treats to spooky little ones! I know it is not really European tradition but it is getting famous also here. Also it is a good occasion to prepare my (already famous) witch finger cookies (guess kids will not enjoy protein treats and protein muffins, huh? or would they??maybe power bars?). They are truly easy and fast to make so if hosting a party or just want something spooky as a treat – than this is a right recipe for you.

here is how a short video explaining it:




and here is my witch fingers ready to be taken..if you dare..

Proper recipe below. Read More

Fit food & Drinks

On a sunny autumn Friday asks for a something sweet and cuddly to satisfy sweet tooth so why not make a nice bowl of a strawberry nice cream to make a reunion with my old friend even more special?

Last night arrived to Guernsey (Channel islands) where she and her family is living to celebrate her kids 1st birthday (and as a good aunty couldn’t miss this important day) and spend some time together and just chat up after a week of terror, stress and meeting after meeting in fair in London. Definitely needed to wind down and this place seems to be the right one for that but about about that – later on, first – let’s have a nice healthy snack to get some vitamins and energy to confront it. Read More

Fit food & Drinks

We all know that eating greens are good for us! Especially broccoli which is super veggie and even included in World’s Healthiest food list and full of vitamins and low on calories. However as not many people are not fans of them than sometimes we overlook this green fellow and do not include in our shopping list, me included! But i decided to change that and start eating it more often but only if I find some interesting healthy recipe. (As you might have noticed – I do love to try out my hand on different, healthy recipes).  

So far I have tried my hand in baked Broccoli tots recipe that I came across in Pintrest by talented Layla from Gimme Delicious and decided to give a try after checking out her recipe and this is what I came up to with a slight modifications. Read More

Fit food & Drinks

On rainy and gloomy Fridays like these all we want to do is crawl up on a sofa under a blanket, cuddle and have something delicious to comfort our souls. Of course the usually option is some unhealthy sweets and rather often we reach out for an ice cream when we definitely shouldn’t.. (You know, diet and stuff?) So I have come up with the best alternative to sweets and healthy food combination that suits me just perfect: a NICE CREAM

It can be even vegan and gluten-free – the limit is the sky and master chef in you. As my boyfriend is lactose intolerant than this is wonderful option also to treat him with a (n)ice cream plus definitely fit version of it.

My weekends cheat-meal snack is Strawberry Nice Cream (vegan and lactose free and so fit so you won’t have a guilty pleasure, just pleasure). Below is recipe – also printable to try at home! Read More

Fit food & Drinks

It’s Friday and it means it has been five days since I have been eating just liquid food. (Monday had a dental intervention therefore having couple of stitches in my mouth. Nothing serious – all in the name of health). Must say it has been quite hard not b able to chew anything and as been starving than had to adopt to my new conditions, that hopefully won’t last for long, and get innovative and blend everything. Basically having my own Will Can it blend show by bending everything. 

First days has been pretty rough so had been drinking just smoothies and some shakes but last days already get more advanced and start experimenting and already made some nice purees. (Tried kids meals and processed soups at beginning, but when realized how much added sugar and sodium is there I quickly decided to make my own dishes. Must say proud and satisfied with my results therefore if you are having some troubles of chewing or just looking for some inspiration to change your diet-  here is my liquid, fit food ideas. Read More

Fit food & Drinks

Fridays are perfect days to experiment and try out some new recipe – this time I went creative and decided to give a try to a salty cake. As I have never tried one before than it was quite a challenge to see how it goes and I must say it turned out absolutely wonderful, delicious and so much more easier than I thought! BUT, there is always a catch! The patience! Oh, boy! you need a patience to slice and roll,slice and roll. When I realized that all the slices of the veggies must be the same size I hated myself as I knew it will be a looooong preparation process..and indeed, it took me like an hour to roll it, so not planning to repeat it anytime soon, even if it was one of the most delicious things I have ever made.

As this is recipe is really easy, healthy and delicious than it is an absolute must try! Will positively impress your friends/ family at a dinner/lunch party everyone! And I mean EVERYONE! So here come the recipe. Read More

Fit food & Drinks

As a clean eater and let’s-prepare-my-own-healthy-meal kind a gal’ I always plan and prepare my meals (lunch and snacks) in advance to bring with me to the office for the day after, not only because it’s saves time and money but also because in this the best way to control what and how much I am having on my plate therefore allowing me to stick to my diet.

I already have wrote about healthy lunch ideas before – so here is a sequence of them – another 7 easy and healthy take away lunch ideas that are not only fast and easy but also takes little time to prepare.

I usually prepare my lunch for 3 days up front twice a week: Sunday evening and Wednesday for next days – for variation of carbs choosing from brown rice/ buckwheat/ quinoa/ bulgur etc. Read More

Fit food & Drinks

When it is constantly hot, like it is in Italy this summer, than the last thing you want to do is to stay behind a kitchen oven for hours to prepare a lovely meal. This is the case for as I rather preferring something quick, refreshing and nourishing, and what can be better than a cold smoothie or freshly squeezed fruit juice to beat the heat as an afternoon snack?

It’s not only fast, but also good for you to get in all the daily vitamins from a fresh fruit and vegetables of the season. I love experimenting with smoothies and fruit juices as the possibilities and combinations are endless. The only thing to bear in mind is dosages and not go wild with amounts – as also liquid calories are calories.

My last weeks favorites are divided by colors: Red (watermelon) , Orange ( nectarine and carrot) and Colormix (banana, plum and blueberrykiwi).  Read More


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