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Food: 7 Fast and healthy lunch recipes for busy people

Food: 7 Fast and healthy lunch recipes for busy people

I have always liked to cook, bake and experiment but when it comes to lunch it is pretty difficult to prepare a masterpiece during working week especially for a busy working girls always on a run.
In order to stick to eating healthy and swap away those boring supermarket salads for a home made meal  to make your lunch meals diverse but the same time healthy.

So here comes my one week in a pictures of different meals for lunch breaks.Monday – Simmental and Bulgur+Quinoa salad

Bulgur Guinoa and Simmental (canned meat)

I really love Simmental (Italian brand for meat in gelatin). low fat and rich with protein. (No wonder they sponsor Italian National Football team as they are supporting athletes).
in their homepage they have several, nice recipes. (unfortunately only in Italian).
Kcal – 221, Protein 16g, fat – 3, Carbs – 32

Tuesday – Tuna and Vegetable salad

Tuna and vegetable salads

For this meal I went color-wild and had carrot, red bell pepper , some pickles and tuna salad.
Kcal – 226, Protein – 36, fat – 1, carbs – 17

Wednesday – Peas, faro and salmon salad

Faro, peas and salmon salad

Eat your beans! sounds funny but actually they are really healthy and rich with protein and fiber.
I combined different peas (had left over from previous day) and faro, some cherry tomatoes, carrot and salmon.
Kcal – 357, Protein – 21, fat – 7, Carbs – 48

Thursday – Faro and canned meat salad

Faro, carrot and canned meat salad

As faro is really fast ready ( depending on brand but boiled usually are ready in 10-15min) so pretty easy to prepare in the morning while getting ready for work.) Than just add canned meat and carrots and your are done. (I use 60-100g of grains usually depending on a day if I have workout or not that day).

Kcal – 199, Protein – 24, Fat – 3, Carbs – 18

Friday – Turkey and Kidney beans salad

Kidney beans and turkey salad

Ready to eat turkey, cucumber, some vegetables like carrots, pickles and cherry tomatoes and couple of olives makes a nice and easy lunch.
Kcal – 374, Protein – 36, fat – 6, Carbs – 46

Saturday – Anchovy and Egg salad

Anchovy egg salad
At summer I like to have lunch on my terrace, even if I have just 30 minutes for lunch I like to sit outside and enjoy my meal.
As had still a tight schedule than my meal had to be fast-ready as well so I mixed up everything I could found home – a boiled egg, anchovy, some tomatoes  and corn.

Kcal – 222, Protein – 18, Fat – 5, Carbs – 34

Sunday – Canned meat and greens

canned meat and greens
And also on Sunday I went light by combining green salad, carrots, tomatoes, and some corn and canned meat – Simmental.
Kcal – 247, Protein – 15, Fat – 3, Carbs – 27
Additional to all this don’t forget to drink plenty of water. 1 cup before meal is a must to start boost your metabolism and digest better as well as understand how hungry you really are actually therefore control the amount you will eat.
And what do you eat for lunch to stay in shape?


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