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Motivation Monday – Enjoy the little things

Motivation Monday – Enjoy the little things

Well, last week has been wild and difficult physically and morally therefore could not update my blog and skipped the entries about Food on Friday and Workout on Wednesday, but today is motivational Monday and time for update what actually happened to me last weekend.

On Monday and Tuesday I was in Copenhagen for work (my travel essentials can find here), than came back and than on Thursday morning I headed to Germany, where were invited to German’s Next Top Model Finale with Heidi Klum presenting it. All excited and all happy were ready for the show (with my new beauty essentials and vintage outfit-unfortunately no pictures were taken at the show with me, so cannot show it off), the show started wonderful and were really having a great time, but than the unexpected and terrible bombing threat in the middle of the show and 8000 people evacuation from the arena, ruined everything. Not only moods of thousands of people but also it made you think, HOW everything could finish at one moment, just like that! poof, and you are gone.. Scary, I must say, really scary. It made me realize HOW precious every single moment is and how fast the things can be changed and you can do nothing about it.

We often think that these kind of things does not affect us, like terrorist attacks and bombing as it happens only in the movies so it is surreal when you are in the situation like that. The first thing I did, I was writing to my boyfriend as it was a late night and i know he worries about me – just automatically to check in and than as the night was so tense so we went for a drink with the people I were with because, well, let’s be honest, e all needed a drink.

As a person that almost never ever drinks more than a glass of wine, as I prefer my healthy lifestyle and does not appreciate anymore the effect of the alcohol on my body and not even talking about the day after, even for me it was needed d to calm the nerves.

it’s funny because it makes you think about your priorities in life and how precious it is and that sometimes we are not enjoying it at fullest or not even a little as we have so many other things to worry, but it is so wrong and the nights effects really made me consider these things. Yes, I always enjoyed life and little things, but never really appreciated like I did the morning after..I woke up, dressed up put a make up on and put a flowers in my hair, because well – why not? Why not to put your flowers in your hair even if outside is gloomy, gray and rainy. After all I am here, still, and I am alive and the life is wonderful and it should be enjoyed and you should do the things you like and makes you happy.

Here is a an airport selfie with a huge bear in Frankfurt’s airport. Had to wait my plane and I felt like enjoying a nice selfie with a bear. Why not?

me and bear

me and bear

The ones who follow me on Instagram already know this picture, but had to share it also here.

Of course my black-wild Odyssey type of trip did not finish after that. I my train to airport was cancelled so had to take a next one 20 minutes later. Than it stopped right before the airport as there were some issue with switching tracks s got delayed another 30minutes, than my gate changed 4 times before departure and in top of that the ride was bumpy due to the bad weather in Milan. however exhausted I fell asleep and woke up because we were landing in BOLOGNIA, not Milan. Thought that I have lost my plane and just taken wrong one but turned out it was re-directed  due to bad weather conditions in Milan. Lastly had to get to a train station in Bolognia and get myself a train ticket. which was pretty scary because in 30 minutes they cancelled 4 trains (National public transport strike) but at least there i was lucky and got a train and got home – safe and sound.

Oh well, a wild ride but the moral is – all good that ends well and you should never give up or stop struggling because where is the will there is a way. AND if it is something you really want , whatever it is, go for it! work for it! fight for it! and never ever give up! and meanwhile enjoy little things because it makes the best memories, and all these moments, that might seem so small at a time, but when you look back they might be the big things.

P.S. Monday check in – lost 1,3kg! Proud and happy to keep going! 2nd week of challenge is proceeding good and determined to keep going!

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