Visual board – Hello March!

Visual board – Hello March!

Hello Monday and Hello March! The month we all have been waiting for months! This is month when the days become longer and air is becoming warmer and bird songs are getting louder and first flowers will start to blossom! March has finally arrived and I have many new things planned and new things to look forward to! So as my new tradition – here comes my visual board – inspiration for the month. 


My March Mood Board and goal setting with Kerrie Hess Calendar


March for me has always been month of traveling, exploring and working hard and this time is not an exception.

In my agenda is already full with trips, meetings, activities and goals to reach. In my trip List is Stockholm where I am heading in 2 days for work, than heading for a long weekend to Latvia for a short break and to regenerate my strengths and have some time with family and friends. (My mom is having a birthday, one of my darlings is going to have a little one and good-aunt-to-be (self proclaimed) must see her,  get some spa time, hit the gym with my fit family & friends and so much more things to do (like shopping and playing with my dog) and than for Easter holiday heading to South of Italy – Calabria for some more family time.




Than , of course, is training hard to come closer to my goals so can’t wait to go training with my friends in Latvia and learn some new techniques and tricks (will share them later on). Already alternated my cardio training with HIIT (high Intensity Interval training) to shred even more fat.



Be Inspired and inspire others to obtain their goals – one step at a time. (Even if you do not see results yet, it doesn’t mean that they won’t be there in a week – hard work pays off!Just keep going! ) Actually motivating myself today because woke up, stepped on scales and did not like what I saw there, so started my Monday pretty bad, but than got myself together and said that this will serve you as even bigger dedication and you know what?! It does encouraged me to move on and work even harder! So my recognition today is – track your progress and make your own results teach you, inspire and push you even harder!

Keep following this jetsetter and you will learn about my trips, my tips and find out how to make a banana-blueberry-protein cake, eat clean while travelling, why relaxing is so important to lose weight and much, much more! AND don’t forget to set your own goals! Visualize and you are one step closer to achieving them!

P.S. This lovely Monthly calendar I have it in my collage is made by Kerrie Hess (HUGE fan of her illustrations) and if you want to download your own March Calendar – just click here.

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