Inspiration: Getting back in shape after Easter break

Inspiration: Getting back in shape after Easter break

Some people are looking forward holiday with a joy – some, like me,  are having split feelings- from one had – can’t wait to relax, sleep and get some time off the every day busy life, from other hand looking forward with a doubt for the holiday that will come and ruining the progress achieved, clean eating and workout graphic. For me it is extra difficult to remain on track with clean eating and my timings as having a pretty full workday with my own rhythm and timing: for eating, sleeping and working out. Once comes holidays, especially a long ones and away from home, it is almost impossible to eat at 8am my oats, have second breakfast at 10:30 with a chicken, workout at 20:00 and hit the bead at 23:00.. So every time coming back from holidays are pretty traumatic as I need to get back to track and catch up to point where I left off therefore serves an extra motivation to not give up and get demotivated.

If for you is the same thing – than here comes some inspiration to keep you going and maybe even go some extra mile – adding some additional training or morning workout session to keep you back on track. This will be exactly what I will be doing, I know I have had a lot of pauses from obtaining my body and fitness goals but despite each injury I had that threw me back to starting point I still keep my eyes on a prize and I am sure I am going to obtain my fitness objectives this time as I am not a quitter.

Don't give up

Don’t give up


Don’t compare yourself to others, the only person you should compare yourself is the one you were yesterday.

Don't compare yourself to anyone

Don’t compare yourself to anyone


Comparing is one of the worst things you can do and it is the lowest point you can fall. Comparison will just make you worry and imagine things that’s not there and will keep you away from your own way and progress. You will never know what the other one has sacrifice or doing to get there where is right now. Only person you should compare yourself is yourself yesterday, month ago and year ago.


No comparisons

Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle.

– Jon Acuff

Improvements begins with "I"

Improvements begins with “I”

“If life didn’t give you at least one person not wanting you to succeed then half of us would lose are motivation to climb that cliff, in order to prove them wrong.” 
 Shannon L. Alder

Like Bruno Mars says in his song – Upton Funk – don’t believe me? Just watch!

Here is some wonderful treadmill dance / workout that lift my spirits every time I see it.

So stay fit! stay motivated and keep going forward!

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