My December Inspiration and moodboard

My December Inspiration and moodboard

Being inspired is one of the greatest feelings and state of mind that can happen to anyone! At least it is like that for me. When I am inspired I feel so powerful, alive, strong, full of ideas and aims, just unstoppable and the world is my oyster! Like real Wonderwoman that can and will save the World.

I have realized that in order to get there I need some daily dose of inspiration, even in some small things – like motivational picture or some encouraging words.
It’s been years I am collecting those kind of pictures and quotations, colors and good words than whenever I or someone else around me needs some positive boost I just look them up and send it over. A great way to try to make someone else to feel better. For me it works every single time – lifts my spirits and gives me energy again.
As a visual person who loves pictures and colors and inspire others I have decided to try out a new thing – a monthly mood board that would be a preview of my next month aims, dreams, colors, ideas, travels, workout, etc. Maybe it will encourage you too to make some for yourself too to dream a little and reach goals faster and easier.

December Moodboard
So how does my moodboard seems to you? Inspirational?
The main highlights of month are: 
1) CHRISTMAS Period which means – HOLIDAYS, finally vacation. It’s been a crazy autumn with constant running and catching up with things that haven’t got time to stop, relax and rest as one should. So these vacations I will run far,far away from everything to get a piece of mind and loads of energy for next year to make some changes and improvements in my life.
Never had a New Year at beach so looking forward for my second summer far, far away.
(Where – is still a secret but won’t keep you hanging for long).
Christmas at beach
This was my Brazilian adventure in November – did not arrive till Christmas, but were close to that. This time will execute my plan properly.
2) SNOW. Make a snow angel/ see real snow.
3) COOK/ EXPERIMENT IN KITCHEN. Make ginger bread cookies (proper Latvian ones) and fit and healthy food. Maybe redo some traditional Christmas plates in my style too.
Broccoli Christmas tree fit food
Doesn’t this look nice? Will definitely try this!
4) WORKOUT. Continue with my Muay Thai – Thai traditional boxing lessons. Get stronger, leaner, faster and better.  (Started 3 weeks ago and already hooked – soo fun, so hard but so satisfying – love it! )
Boxing Beauty
5) TURN A NEW LEAVE and START A NEW JOURNEY. Continue with my big project (still a secret but in end-phase) and soon to be revealed to the World. So excited.
6) REACH GOAL.Get in shape before Christmas! Pretty big challenge, especially during December period – all travelling, business lunches/dinners, festivities, gatherings, dinners etc. BUT I can do it! To get some extra motivation had a bet with a myself and with my bf that if will arrive to the aim he is going to send me somewhere nice to treat myself! (loosing weight has always been hard task to me so all kind of motivation and especially support is helpful! lucky to have him! )
and make a LOT OF NEW MEMORIES! and Yes! get a tan in winter!
And what’s in your December TO-DO List?


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