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Diet Tips: 8 reasons why you are not losing belly fat and how to change that

Diet Tips: 8 reasons why you are not losing belly fat and how to change that

Let’s be honest, we all have been there and we have all struggled with this question: ” I am eating responsibly, I am active, but still cannot lose belly fat”. This question has made me upset, worried and angry for many years, till I turned to a healthier lifestyle, reached out and start making changes and start seeing results . So here is why you are not loosing belly fat:

1. You are not eating or skipping meals.

When you don’t eat or skip meals your body goes into starving/self defensing mood and it makes food reserves (mostly, unfortunately, on belly) which translates into fat to use them times when do not get the food (when you skipping the meals) therefore you slow down your metabolism and it makes harder to lose the fat.

Food is fuel to your body

Food is fuel to your body

One of the biggest misconception is to eat less and rarer will make you slimmer! WRONG! If you are person who is skipping breakfast it will definitely make you hungry at mid-morning therefore making you reach for some sweet snack from a vending machine. Breakfast is essential for making you start day with energy for your body and brain therefore make sure you feed it right. Does not to be big portion but enough to start your metabolism.

The same is for dinner – eating late dinner will not make you fat, unless you will eat some heavy foods right before bedtime that will not process during the sleep and will turn into fat. Even if late hour, eat something light with protein that will absorb your muscles even during your sleep. try to eat not later than 1h before going to bed.

2. You are not drinking enough water

Water is essential for, well..EVERYTHING to ensure a good body functions! your brain needs them, your skin needs them, you need them to help to process food, to help to slim down as well as it takes our the toxins from your body.  More about water benefits you can read here.

Reasons why you should drink more water

 Reasons why you should drink more water


3. You overeat or do not know your serving size

When you know how big is your portion you don’t know how much you eat. Sometimes we overeat when we go out with our friends because we simply are having a good/boring time, food is near and we just can’t resist taking next piece way too fast not letting our body process it and send your brain signal that it is full. This is one of the main reason of gaining fat.

No regrets

No regrets

4. You cut out fats and proteins from your diet

another wrong way of thinking is that if you will eat fat you will get fat and if you will eat just salad you will be thin. Another common misconception that fat and protein is making you fat. You need fat (the good fat, the fat from fish and meat, nuts and seeds) to make normal body function. The same from protein. You need it to provide normal body functions. Substituting them with plain salad will just make you gain fat 2x harder to lose and will gain double when will start have a normal dish instead.

5. You eat/drink junk/fast food

Junk and fast food is the quick way to gain and not to lose fat. It is full with sugars and salt and several complex carbohydrates that goes straight to the belly fat. Watch the movie “FED UP” will make the picture clearer about fast food industry. Check also HOW much you would need to work out to kill, let’s say – 1 large fries, here.

What junk food does to your body

What Junk food does to your body


6. You are not sleeping nor resting enough

Sleeping and resting is essential to lose body fat because it allows your body to restore energy + it burns calories even while you are sleeping. If you are partying often, staying up late hours and have a stressful life – it will be double as hard to lose fat in addition it will increase the risk of heart and kidney diseases and high blood pressure.

Working late hours and not sleeping enough

Working late hours and not sleeping enough

7. You use alcohol

Alcohol contains loads of sugar and it goes straight to the booty plus it boosts your appetite therefore you will definitely snack together with the glass of Mojito. One regular cocktail contains around 350-400 Kcal.

8. You are not doing physical activities

Physical activities is the key to help to boost your weight loss and one of the reason why you are not losing fat.

Not exercising

Not exercising

1. Eat smaller positions thorough the day instead of 2-3 big ones.

Eat smaller portions

Eat smaller portions

2. Drink at least 1,5-2l water per day.

Drink water

Drink 2l water a day

3. Make the serving size right and eat slowly

Portion size guide

Portion size guide

4. Eat balanced meals that consists from seeds, fish, nuts, meat, vegetables and fruit to maintain good body functions

5. Prepare your own meals and eat real foods. This way you will be sure you know what is in it and make them from real ingredients not that comes out from a box or needs to be microwaved to be edible.

prepare your meals at home

prepare your meals at home

6. Sleep at least 7-8 hours every night and allow your body to rest once a while to regenerate it. Try going to Spa, for a long walk (without phone), meditate and before sleeping at least 30 minutes try not to check your phone or watch Tv – it will put your brain at ease after a long day and will allow  you to sleep better.

Sleep at least 8 hours per night

Sleep at least 8 hours per night

7. Try to not use alcoholic cocktails at all instead having one glass of good, not too sweet, red wine if want some alcohol (which is good for your heart and blood pressure) or substitute with some fruit cocktail (without added syrups and sugars).. or water, in baste case and you will see how faster you will be losing fat.

Choose alcohol free-sugar/syrup free fruit cocktail

Choose alcohol free, sugar/syrup free fruit cocktail

8. Get moving! Subscribe to gym but if you do not like that – try to add some physical activities – taking only stairs, going for a bicycle ride, walking dog, going running outside, go for a long walks, whatever you do – move! (For some workout tips, check my landing page category – WORKOUT. There are some tricks you can do even at home, check out here.)

Start moving

No excuses! Start moving now!

So What are you waiting for? Print out and apply these tips and you will start noticing positive changes in no time and remember – consistency is a key! Good luck!

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