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  • How to eat healthy at London Gatwick airport
  • How to eat healthy at London Gatwick airport
  • How to eat healthy at London Gatwick airport
  • How to eat healthy at London Gatwick airport

How to eat healthy at London Gatwick airport

We all have been there- fighting with boredom before or between flights( also me last week in London). Some goes around exploring shopping area if there is any, some surfs Internet  if found a free Wi-Fi that works well, but the biggest part, I have noticed, are hitting g food courts and cafeterias to feed their emotional or real hunger.

As for me, as I believe being a professional jet setter hopping on and off flights every week or every second week (this year been running around the world like crazy) than I can say I have learned quite a lot and have already made my way around airports and finding out where is the best smoothies and nicest salad and prefect snacks for a quick bite.

This time about London Gatwick airport and where I am finding my healthy meals.

If following my adventures you already know that last week I spent in England mixing work and pleasure. On Sunday I headed back to Milan from Guernsey where I stayed for weekend.

As I had a lay over in Gatwick for 4 hours and I had been waking up at 5:30 to arrive from Channel Islands than I must say I was really starving once landed (despite the flight was just 45min), the factor that had no chance grabbing nay breakfast at all was making matters worse.

The first thing I did when got out the plane – I went directly to Boots and got myself an protein drink to have some boost of energy before repeated checks and lines at security gates.

Upbeat Berry protein shake

Upbeat Berry protein shake

This low-fat and low-sugar protein shake from Upbeat was one of the best solutions I have discovered lately and we’re extremely happy to have it one that morning on my way to departures. 

Once in I still had some time to kill and as was another hour around I went for a proper early lunch at a Pret-A-Manger at South terminal. (You can even check their menu online).

A nice food court with plenty seating place that offers self service with healthy food and even snacks for a sweet tooth. They even offer a Kale crisps. Neat!

Salmon rice and see weed salad

Salmon rice and see weed salad


I got myself a nice lunch menu with a salmon, rice sesame rolls and some edamame beans and sea weed. (Nice plus to salad that they even indicates the calories. so this option was under 200 Kcal). 

As for the snack on board I took with myself a nice takeaway of a super fruit salad.

Super fruit salad

Super fruit salad

And to kill the rest of the time I went for a good cup of a green tea from Teapigs at Wonder Tree food court while reading a book I got myself from the educational corner from a nearby bookstore. 

wonder tree cup of tea

Tea time and good book goes perfectly together

Morning well spent, no junk food consumed and proudly can say I stick to the diet thanks to the Gatwick offered healthy food choices. So don’t worry about your diet if have to spend your time at Gatwick -you can definitely find something delicious and healthy to stay on track with clean eating and avoid grabbing a cheeseburger from McDonald’s using an excuse that there is nothing else around. NO EXCUSES!




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