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Water! Drink it up!

Water! Drink it up!

Water! we all need it as an air we breath to stay alive, to stay toned, stay fit and even get slimmer!
so here are some educational pictures what water does to you! so drink your daily water, stay active and have fun.

water is what makes me happy

Actually all forms of water makes me happy- shower, lake, beach, rain, ocean or even swimming pool!

Drink your water! at least 2l per day

Yes to water! stay hydrated! giving enough water increases your imune system, makes your skin look better, cleans your organism, gives you energy and fills you up when start having a food-craving-attacks right before lunch (Always happens to me! ) so good idea is than to drink a warm water with a lemon to understand weather you are really hungry or just thirsty (or bored. mostly we eat when we are bored).

some inspirational water ideas

why not spice up and color your water with some fruits and Leaves? I Always do that! especially in summer! tastes soo nice! and it will kill your craving for some bubbly, sugary drink that would give you those extra calories you really don’t want nor need!

this is what i made this other day – blueberry-mango-strawberry water
this was my water of the day : lime and strawberries

and this lime and red currant water

DID YOU KNOW about Water weight?

READ this about water and putting on weight! this made me think twice!
so did you drink your 2l already today? 🙂


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  1. austra

    August 30, 2013 at 5:58 am

    very well done, Egita!


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