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10 food swaps to shred calories and save on health

10 food swaps to shred calories and save on health

FriYaY! Indeed, finally “Yay” as the it is end of a long and tiring working week and weekend is right in front of you! I am already planning that this weekend will be dedicated to make some healthy and ft recipe and go to a Spring parade (fitness festival )here in Milan. So if you are in the city – do not miss! Here is the link to the event. So join and let’s celebrate Spring between fit people and good music and have loads of fun.

As today is the FF – Foody Friday for me, than I want to share with you (slightly revised by me) a chart I saw on a magazine in Germany about healthy food swaps to save on calories and to make some changes in your diet too. I tried to make it pretty easy and visual for a bigger impact.

I already once mentioned some healthy swaps in my previous articles when were explaining food cravings. Can see the article here.

So here is some healthy swaps that could help you to improve your eating and get on shed some calories, after all – summer is right around the corner.

My 10 Healthy food swaps to save some on calories

My 10 Healthy food swaps to save some on calories

And as a bonus one I would like to share my all time favorite swap – Butter to Avocado.

Avocado vs Butter

Avocado vs Butter

Photo credit – @Cleaneatingsurvivalguide via Instagram.

Note that some swaps are still healthy like broccoli and cauliflower, because both of them have loads of vitamins and minerals necessary to your body. The ones you really need to get out of your diet is the refined and processed sugar ones, like fitness bars that are loaded of sugars.

Hope this will help you to make some healthy choices and help to shred some calories.

Good luck and happy FriYaY!


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