Do not go more than 3 days without working out.

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When on road – I always try to customize my trainings in order to adapt to stick to my training plan no matter how hard it gets, I just always try to find a time to squeeze in a workout session or two to stick to my fitness goal. While in Japan last week I still managed to squeeze in a leg day, HIIT and killer abs workout sessions. Always sticking to the golden rule when starting any workout program:


Indeed when you skip one-two training days it’s most probably you will skip some more and will sabotage all your hard work of previous weeks! (Trust me – I know! So frustrating!)so just stick to the gold rule no matter how hard it gets. Of course there are exceptions, like sickness or factors you cannot influence, but traveling, YES, even for work, shouldn’t be one of them. And in order not to feel bad about not working out at all – just squeeze in some short training programs – like a compact workout for abs and core session. 

Abs are relatively easy to train Read More


If you have ever tried circuit training you know how effective it is! (Yes, leaves you breathless and makes you wanna collapse on the floor, but, oh, boy, how it works wonders on those booty shaping and fat shredding and makes you sweat).

Last Sunday I had a pleasure to be in couch position and make some blonde ladies to try out this fun circuit training together in one of sunniest Milan’s parks -Parco Solari.

The workout was aimed for all body parts and for some deep fat shredding. (Which is never bad,am I right?).

So here is the circuit to try for yourself – promise, it will burn and make you feel those sore muscles day after! And best part – you don’t need any equipment, just a mat. Read More


To become better than the person you were yesterday you should constantly learn, practice and improve. The same is for the workout – in order to get better results you should constantly improve your technique, increase weight and practice. To keep things interesting you should always switch between routines and incorporate some new exercises and challenges in your workout plan.

This is practice that I have been always following to keep things interested and body constantly wondering in order to improve. The things I like to do is to throw to myself a challenge –  like trying out some new workout routine by some trainer, like Victoria’s Secret Angel trainer Dan.
This time I tried out Nike Master trainer’s Sonja Moses workout routine and I must say it was not as easy as I was imagining it. Definitely felt the burn next day and sour muscles ( especially butt) so it means just one thing / definitely working! So try it out for yourself if don’t believe me!
Nike Master trainer-s Sonja Moses workout routine:

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I believe Leg day is one of the most made fun (right after burpees) of and most created hate-memes on internet, however it is love-hate relationship ( guilty as charged), we say we hate them but we love the benefits of it. Let’s be honest – who doesn’t like a round, lifted and shaped booty and lean legs?  (and if you say: me! you are probably lying to yourself!)

I know Leg day can be scary as it involves moving to the scary part of the gym – the free weights and machines zone, that usually are full just with the guys and it gets pretty intimidating when a girl gets there. I know, because I have been there, not knowing what I am doing, what others are thinking of me and risking to be ridiculous. However after a while, when you get the right mindset and preparation it gets better.

The preparation is everything to use the heavy weights in a gym: the correct mindset, inspiring workout playlist (+ I-am-not-here-to-talk face) and a training schedule or exercise plan.

They say the good preparation is a half victory of the battle and I couldn’t agree more. I always have my workout playlist ready and a exercise plan with me to stay focused and give the 100% of myself of the training. 

I have already wrote about Leg Day exercises and even made a video to show how to. (Check it here).

As we know the workout routines should be switched periodically to constantly challenge your body and improve it than here is some new leg day workout schedule to try out. 

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In a days like these, when it’s raining cats and dogs all I want to do is to stay in and crawl up on a couch with a hot cup of good tea and read some good book. As I am not on holiday, but on a business trip in Tokyo with one hell of a full agenda than it is not possible. Therefore I have not left choice but to be super active, energized and loaded to manage to make the best out of my trip and overcome the jet lag and be efficient and productive and the best medicine for adopting to the new rhythm is a workout to get you going.

Tip number 1 – You should always check out your destinations fitness center/ gym possibilities in hotel or near distance”.

Luckily for me I am staying in this wonderful, luxury hotel at the heart of Shibuya – Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel. It offers a wonderful facilities and one of them is (quite) fully equipped fitness center, such as: Treadmills × 5, Exercise bikes × 6, Smith machine, weights, leg extension, and more, to ensure you a possibility to maintain your fitness level like a pro.  Read More


It’s official! Summer is here and the weather is getting hotter and hotter every day and it means that all those skirts and shorts should be taken out from the bottom of our closets to show off too the world. Of course with the short skirts and hot pants comes also the will to look great in them and this is where tall those hours spent at gym and working out we did at Winter and Spring comes handy, but it does not mean that the exercises should finish there just because summer is here. In contrary  should continue or even work harder to maintain and improve and this is what I am up to right now – as by the end of July is my second check-in of my workout and diet challenge to get on a great shape.

In June I put emphasis on core and booty, so it means – more HIIT and exercises for lower body to make it even more toned, shaped and lifted – because you cannot have too round booty). If also you would like to incorporate some new exercises to lift your booty and have leaner legs here are 5 exercises that can be performed even at home.

Read More


My long weekend getaway to Sicily (pictures will follow up on Sunday) is over and it is time to get back to my strict workout schedule. I know for some is hard to stick to workout routine and eating clean while on vacations and sometimes I completely agree it is OK to not be harsh on yourself during a getaway, especially a short one – like a long weekend and enjoy some traditional food and not stick to a hard core workout, because after all it’s all about balance. Hard work and some rest for body and mind.

Especially when you are travelling to a new places you know that you are going to walk a lot to explore the place as much as possible and this is a wonderful workout that’s actually does not feel like one because you are getting snappy with pictures, stop for a rest and walk again so in the end of the day you even had walked like up to 20-30 km. Happened to me first time In Paris that I walked 30 km and basically was dead by the end of the day), that’s why I know.  If you want to check out how much you make it in a day, while sightseeing, get yourself a Pedometer app for Iphone or Endomondo for your mobile device to count your steps and burned calories. I use both (depends which has still battery).

My case I knew that will take 4 days off from strength training at gym so worked out harder 31 day before (had a challenge) and stayed on a strict diet to prepare for this weekend to enjoy it fully and guilt free if I eat more than I should, of course I knew I will walk a lot and go swimming so still would have sort of training done. But now the weekend is over and it’s time to get back with training and shaping up body plan and as today is  WW (Workout Wednesday) than today is a good day to talk about booty shape up exercises and actually do them.

Honestly every day is a good day to shape up booty because let’s be honest – who doesn’t want to have a firm and round butt? Here is a 17 exercises for Glutes that you should know and include in your workout Read More


Hello in Workout Wednesday! As Each Wedneday it is a gym day, usually it is a Arms and Back for me, as I have devided my strenght training targeting body groups and having strenght training 3-4 times per week. One time i am trying to change things and do a full body blast workout or ABT (Abs, Butt & Tights workout) and coupel of times per week a cardio training. And yes, I do like it and yes, I am not crazy – just determined to reach my fitness goals – improved, leaner and more toned body. Curently also having my 2nd week of my new challenge of 31 day. (So far – so good, slow progress, but keep on going and start noticing results. Must be ready for next weekend’s check-in, so focusing and self-motivation is needed to get there.

Today I wanted to share with you my simple ABT workout plan I designed for couple of girls that reachoud out to me asking for a help to workout and make some routine that can be done even at home that would target their focus zones – abbs, butt and tights. The full routine you can download here to try yourself the days when you do not have time or will to hit the gym but do want to workout. Read More


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