Workout: post-workout mistakes and how to avoid them

Workout: post-workout mistakes and how to avoid them

There are several things that gives you satisfaction in life. For me one of them is a real good workout that takes all the worries away, burns a lot and makes me feel more energetic afterwards however there are also some several rules that you shoudl take in mind to not throw away all the hard work and calorie burning you just have had.

One of the most common mistakes after workout are:

*Not cooling down. After every intense workout, especially cardio and HIIT training, you should think of cooling down that would let your heart rate return to a normal beats and prevent you from some injury. take in consideration of a light run or a walk after finishing your activity.

*Not stretching after a workout. I know the time is limited and we all want to go time but stretching out after a hard training, especially a one that involves weights could prevent sour muscles next day;


don’t forget to stretch it out to prevent muscle pain


*Not snacking afterwards. Yes, that’s correct – snacking. This is actually one of the times you are allowed and must have a snack after your workout. You should get in something sweet raise your sugar level and allow body to regain it’s strength (repair muscles) after putting it all out. The best mix is a protein and carbs. Like Greek yogurt and some berries or dried fruits or juice. (even smoothy would do. )I always go for a banana and a protein shake or a homemade protein bar. (See recipe here)

A fruit/smoothy bar that is ok to hit after workout

A fruit/smoothy bar that is OK to hit after a workout

* Not taking shower and not changing clothes. Even if it is late and you are completely powerless you should gather your strengths and jump out of the workout clothes and have a shower before leaving the gym. Not because it is a common sense and get will make you feel fresher but not get letting the wet workout clothes establish environment for bacteria growth and spread that might lead to some infection or rash.

*Using alcohol/ junk food right after your workout. Alcohol (even if a loaded with carbs and sugar) will not count as a post-workout snack so forget about it. However if want to have that drink or some junk food after it – wait at least 1 hour afterwards. Even though would not recommend none of them as would just ruin all the progress and hard work and sweating you just had. (to see how much calories is in some “popular snacks” and how long you would have to workout to burn them off – check my post about Burning off calories from junk food.)


* Not resting-sleeping. Having a good night sleep (at least 8 hours) is essential to body and muscles to recover, heal and grow stronger. if not giving a proper rest you can forget about making progress in gym nor with your diet.

So guys take these things in mind next time you are hitting gym or having a workout and it will definitely help you to get in right shape in no time.


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