RUN – do it for yourself

RUN – do it for yourself

This morning I woke up at 6 to restart going to run before going to work.
must say I felt a lot better – more toned and energetic rather than waking up later and just rolling out of bed and do nothing, but breakfast.
The inspiration to keep on running came today also from friend of mine, which I must share with you..

fun, right? even tho’  not sure I would like Ryan, or some other charming exemplar waiting me tired and sweaty at the end of finish line.. but still..
the 2nd one of Ryan motivating me always to work out is THIS:

isn’t it an inspiring pic for a desktop background? Plus motivating you to do squat as much as possible to get ready for a beach season.  By the way it is pretty close so watch out of those slutty brownies and tempting cupcakes. better try a homemade, healthy energy bar instead (recipe will follow). some other tips for working out and diet, snacks you may find here.

keep healthy – keep fit and keep on having fun.

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  1. […] and determined to prove myself and everyone that I can do it. Yesterday added some evening cardio session- went for a sunset run as first time, in a year, was home at decent time, so had to use the […]


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