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That fit smoothie breakfast bowl you need

That fit smoothie breakfast bowl you need

The ones who knows me already can tell you that I love making fit food fun and delicious ( #foodporn) and this time is no exception – made a new, nice experiment for a healthy breakfast – a fit smoothie bowl. Also works really well as treat.

The thing about breakfast smoothie bowl is that it’s packed with energy, minerals and vitamins – all that you need to start the day right and so easy to make!

I always keep in my freezer some fruits and berries for an emergency smoothie or nice cream making ( because a girl needs her emergency kit.. Whatever the emergency is). Autumn days like these, when is raining cats and dogs (and you have been working and running around the world like crazy – again) and you just need some ray of sunshine to force yourself to leave the house and face the world – a nice smoothie bowl is the right thing to get you going.

A fit smoothie bowl recipe

It’s really easy to make all you need is: some frozen berries, like banana and strawberries, some frozen yogurt-protein bites ( recipe here) or can do also very well with just plain Greek yogurt. Blend it all together and add some chia seeds, some quinoa puffs and a peach for decoration.

Voilà! Here is your delicious morning smoothie bowl to brighten up your day.

Remember, if wish to have a nice cream – go with all ingredients frozen and serve immediately! 

Happy blending and happy weekend, folks!

XoXO Egitaa




Have you tried a smoothie bowl for breakfast? What does it consist of? 


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