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Fall is asking for not only season garderobe change but also for local veggies and fruit season change. Even though apples are all year around fall has the best time to enjoy fresh and juicy apple just from the tree (or local farmer’s market) full with those vitamins and antioxidants, or in a different recipes – like baked apples.

I love apples in all forms and in all recipes and therefore experimenting with them always. Baked apple recipe is my latest obsession: fast, easy, healthy and delicious.

My latest recipe inspiration comes from Katie at Some Bits and Bobs blog. I went for adopting her Vegan Gluten-free nut crumble served in apple recipe and this is what I came up for – a healthy and easy baked apple dessert that’s perfect for breakfast or as a fit snack. Read More

Fit food & Drinks

The ones who knows me already can tell you that I love making fit food fun and delicious ( #foodporn) and this time is no exception – made a new, nice experiment for a healthy breakfast – a fit smoothie bowl. Also works really well as treat.

The thing about breakfast smoothie bowl is that it’s packed with energy, minerals and vitamins – all that you need to start the day right and so easy to make!

I always keep in my freezer some fruits and berries for an emergency smoothie or nice cream making ( because a girl needs her emergency kit.. Whatever the emergency is). Autumn days like these, when is raining cats and dogs (and you have been working and running around the world like crazy – again) and you just need some ray of sunshine to force yourself to leave the house and face the world – a nice smoothie bowl is the right thing to get you going.

A fit smoothie bowl recipe

Read More

Fit food & Drinks

You love traditional morning oats or oatmeal but kind bored and would like to try something else for a change? Well look no further because I have an answer for you – a semolina strawberry porridge. 

I do like my oats a lot, but sometimes you just need to switch up your morning routines and try something else as well and who said that eating clean should be boring and monotone ? Read More

Fit food & Drinks

On rainy and gloomy Fridays like these all we want to do is crawl up on a sofa under a blanket, cuddle and have something delicious to comfort our souls. Of course the usually option is some unhealthy sweets and rather often we reach out for an ice cream when we definitely shouldn’t.. (You know, diet and stuff?) So I have come up with the best alternative to sweets and healthy food combination that suits me just perfect: a NICE CREAM

It can be even vegan and gluten-free – the limit is the sky and master chef in you. As my boyfriend is lactose intolerant than this is wonderful option also to treat him with a (n)ice cream plus definitely fit version of it.

My weekends cheat-meal snack is Strawberry Nice Cream (vegan and lactose free and so fit so you won’t have a guilty pleasure, just pleasure). Below is recipe – also printable to try at home! Read More

Fit food & Drinks

Finally Friday! After another crazy week is over and already looking forward tomorrow when I will be finally going to Expo 2015 (Milan). Real excited moreover as tomorrow there will be a huge parade in honor of a Japan day and as Hello Kitty is the ambassador of Japan pavilion and as I work for this lovely lady, than going to be there as well.

And as I already know that tomorrow there won’t be much time cooking a big, innovative and creative fit breakfasts and try new recipes than last night prepared a wonderful alternative instead of my regular rolled oats / oat meal or overnight oats 2 ingredient oat cookies. Easy – peasy, fast and tastes great. Here is recipe you must try! Read More

Fit food & Drinks

TGIF! One of the nicest letter combination of whole week  – Thanks God It’s Friday! Outside is sunny and mind is travelling and alreayd planning new things for the weekend ahead! Could have been a long weekend, as on Tuesday is a national holiday here in Italy, so could have taken also a day off on Monday and just stayed in, BUT as I am going for a short break next weekend, for my bf’s birthday, than will be going to work on Monday.

As my fit challange with myself is still on and and deadlne is approaching, than must be stronger than ever, however sometimes you do feel like having something to sattisfy that sweet tooth of ours but the same time need to stay on the strict objectives, so I came up with a recipe (really easy-peasy one) how to have soemthing sweet and still stick to the deit plan.

Greek yogurt + some immagination is the key and you have a wonderful, low call, high in protein and anti oxidants dessert that can be eaten also at evening! Here is how. Read More

Fit food & Drinks
Guess who’s is back and reloaded?! 🙂 some of you may know my reasons of being absent (check my Instagram for photo-evidence), but just to justify myself and put it on the writting than I had a perfectly valid reasons to not update my blog:
a) i had to move, b) i had no electricity at my new place for a week, c) i had tendinitis in my right arm-wrist so couldn’t do anything for 10 days d) afterwards  i left for holiday for 2 weeks!
BUT i am back now and full with energy and inspiration to eat healthy, be fit and keep enjoying life on full swings! 🙂 so stay tuned!
The first thing i will do: i will share a recipe for a BLUEBERRY MOUSSE I made while on holiday’s at Latvia.
Every Latvian knows this heavenly, delicious sweet that grandmas used to make for them! no wonder it is called a Sky Semolina – (Debesmanna). it’s usually a pink colour and reminds of clouds in a sunset ^_^ however I decided to change a little bit the traditional recipe and make it purple – with blueberries! so here is how I did it!


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