Brazil – Day 2 / 3

Brazil – Day 2 / 3

Again woke up at 6:30 am, as you just can’ t sleep longer – the sun is up and shining and even the sleeping mask is not saving you from the daylight.
the sun rises here around 4am, so seems that the day is already in half, as it is getting dark at 5pm, already :O so the early birds are enjoying the day longer.

Yesterday we went to a small paradise called – Bora Bora (a name for the beach), but the place name was Praia de Carneiros (which means Beach of Lambs), really, it was sooo beautiful! (Google it!)your eyes are just hurting of how adorable it is. 🙂 it is like an organized beach with nice paths to the beach, coconut trees, colorful, tropical bird figurines crafted in wood, hammocks, where you can lay down and have a nap, live music, where elderly ladies were dancing a traditional dances in their bikinis and swimsuits, restaurants with a nice staff and a beautiful coral rife, which you could see when the tide was up.
at the beach was also a nice church, where supposed to be wedding at afternoon, so it was really lovely organized – with beautiful flowers, violinist and loads of photographers.
some man of the wedding came to speak to us, and he though that I am from south of Brazil that’ s why he was speaking to me in Portuguese 🙂 so he told us that actually the new couple won a contest and their wedding will be in national television.
on the way to this beach we saw a lot of sugar cane plantations, like as far as you can see, as this part of the Brazil they only have them, not in south.
and they have black rocks.
and in gas stations you cannot put yourself a gasoline because it must be done by employees of gas stations. it is a way country is providing workplaces to their people.
A really interesting contrast was on the streets between the cars: new, big, small and than you see a small vans (like in Scooby-doo cartoon) everywhere and than somebody pass by you in a traffic jam with a….HORSE, or with an ore and horse 🙂

in the evening we went to the Porto de Galinhas (hen city), so there were everywhere different kind of monuments and  figurines of hens and chickens dressed up funny and colorful and colored funky, artistic and nice 🙂 really lovely city with a beautiful beach 🙂

now, day 3 – going to Olinda a historical city and also in Unesco heritage.
we have already a LOAD of pictures, but they will day.

big smiles 🙂 off to beach.

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