Fit food & Drinks

When the sweater weather comes – it’s time to take out the heavy artillery – veggies, fruits, greens, hot dishes, to stay healthy, hydrated and get those vitamins in! A wonderful, fast and easy way to increase your green intake is smoothies! 

I have been head over heels trying new recipes and going wild blending everything! Will it blend? can it blend? you name it – I have tried everything already since I got my new blender! 

Absolutely love it! So basically I can almost call myself a blender babe minus blending minimally dressed; after all -it’s winter and it’s chilly to stay poorly dressed while cooking/blending/or going around the home ( let’s wait for summer for that, shall we? ) However they are cool and have some great recipes. Read More

Fit food & Drinks

The ones who knows me already can tell you that I love making fit food fun and delicious ( #foodporn) and this time is no exception – made a new, nice experiment for a healthy breakfast – a fit smoothie bowl. Also works really well as treat.

The thing about breakfast smoothie bowl is that it’s packed with energy, minerals and vitamins – all that you need to start the day right and so easy to make!

I always keep in my freezer some fruits and berries for an emergency smoothie or nice cream making ( because a girl needs her emergency kit.. Whatever the emergency is). Autumn days like these, when is raining cats and dogs (and you have been working and running around the world like crazy – again) and you just need some ray of sunshine to force yourself to leave the house and face the world – a nice smoothie bowl is the right thing to get you going.

A fit smoothie bowl recipe

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Fit food & Drinks

When it is constantly hot, like it is in Italy this summer, than the last thing you want to do is to stay behind a kitchen oven for hours to prepare a lovely meal. This is the case for as I rather preferring something quick, refreshing and nourishing, and what can be better than a cold smoothie or freshly squeezed fruit juice to beat the heat as an afternoon snack?

It’s not only fast, but also good for you to get in all the daily vitamins from a fresh fruit and vegetables of the season. I love experimenting with smoothies and fruit juices as the possibilities and combinations are endless. The only thing to bear in mind is dosages and not go wild with amounts – as also liquid calories are calories.

My last weeks favorites are divided by colors: Red (watermelon) , Orange ( nectarine and carrot) and Colormix (banana, plum and blueberrykiwi).  Read More


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