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Easy homemade tofu chips recipe you must try

Easy homemade tofu chips recipe you must try

Whenever I got some free time I roll up sleeves and get on with cooking experiments. This time I tried a homemade tofu chips recipe. So easy, fast and soo good. Completely guilt free too!

Usually I always grab a copy of free Italian recipes books/magazines in supermarkets as I like to see what’s trending now in Italy as well as get some inspiration for my own experiments. This recipe is based on Esseulnga’s fall recipe catalogue I got there ( it’s a supermarket chain store). My eye caught section of recipes for vegans and vegetarians this fall and there was also many recipes with tofu.

As like tofu a lot but many people doesn’t ( including my husband) than decided to give a try to this tofu chips recipe with a slight modification to original one to see how it will be accepted. The result surprised me! And so will you! 

Here is the recipe: try it for yourself and let me know how did you like it!

For a special pairing try together with a guacamole or a hummus dip.

Homemade Tofu chips recipe |

Adopted from Esselunga kitchen fall recipes catalogue


Ingredients: white sesame seeds, tofu 125g/150g, chia seeds ( sea salt – per choice – I skipped it in the end).

Made with Repix (

Ingredients for tofu chips



Step 1 – cut in small slices

 Homemade Tofu chips recipe |

Step2: cut in triangles the slices

 Homemade Tofu chips recipe |

Step 3: put it on a pan with a baking sheet under it

Meanwhile preheat oven to 180°C (360°F)

 Homemade Tofu chips recipe  |

Step 4: put on some sesame and chia seeds for both sides

 Homemade Tofu chips recipe  |

Step 5: put in oven for 15-20min

Take it out! let it cool down and serve it with your favorite dip. Try out also some of these fit Hummus recipes from Bodybuilding homepage.

Or try add it to your fall soup.

Homemade Tofu chips recipe |

Tofu chips – perfect with a dip

Homemade Tofu chips recipe |


Have a delicious Friday!


XoXO Egitaa



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