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My Nordic Weekend Fitness & beauty gear

My Nordic Weekend Fitness & beauty gear

Every girl has her weak spots – some of them has bags, some shoes (we all love pretty pair of shoes, don’t we? ), some nail polishes and some other one beautiful dresses – for me it is something all of them but if I have to name my favorite one it is definitely workout gear and colorful outfits (including workout pants and leggings and shoes) and travel gear. When I travel I like everything to be organized and as light and compact as possible (so just in case I still can find some space in a bag for a last minute, must-have purchase).

Every time I head to Nordics or Baltics I check out their latest trends, sales isles and some healthy choices. and believe me or not – every time I find some really good value deal. (I like to consider myself as a smart buyer so I prefer hitting sales or go to some outlets or keep my eye out for some special promotions and to keep diversity I do that wherever I go -that’s why I have a wardrobe from all around the globe).

My weekend beauty boughts were following:

At Stockholm airport I had a pink morning.

Airport boughts

Airport boughts

Cup of Detox tea from Joe&Juice (love the Juice bar – the nicest guys and the healthiest cocktails. I always hit the place when I am at Nordics).

Women’s Helath Training Guide – as I always trying to be up to date with the newest trends and ideas for workout, diet and healthy tips and Victoria’s Secret – VS LOVES PINK Kit – blush, nail polish and a pink lipstick – all in a lovely pink colors – the latest spring trend to be noticed and perfect for my pink weekend. (also was lucky as I got it on sale for half price).

Victoria's secret travel essentials

Victoria’s secret travel essentials


My fit gear of the weekend

The next thing I got was a jumping rope in a sport’s shop (last one and on sale – paid 5 eur) by Casall, so soon will follow up some workout tips with a jumping rope (burns a lot). Love the brand as it has such a good quality and great gears.

These Nike Pro shorts I got on a sales in Nike factory Store in Riga the same for Adidas jacket.

(the Adidas sports bra is mine though (always bring my workout gear with me when travelling, especially when going for long travels to stay in shape) just put it up there for some color combinations.

Protein bars was on sale

Don’t blame me ! these protein bars were on sale

And these protein bars were on sale for a half price so I preferred to have them instead of some other sweet temptations during my trips, airport ques and post-workout snack.

Last but not least got myself a new professional brush from a Rich Hair care that I believe that is an important asset to every girl with a long hair.

Rich hair bruch

Rich hair brush

(Was lucky also on this one as it was a Women’s day than all the health beauty products at Stockmann (on of the biggest, nicest department store chain from Finland find also in Baltics.)

So these are my assets to keep me going and feel pretty and motivated to obtain my fitness goals by staying on a budget but investing in good quality products.

What about you? What’s your passion and weakness?

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