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How to do essential grocery shopping smart

How to do essential grocery shopping smart

Have you ever popped in a grocery shop just to buy “essentials for dinner” and came out of it carrying 2 full bags 1 hour later staffed with cookies, chocolate bars, turkey on promotion and nice looking pineapple ? Well I have and if you are completely honest with yourself you will probably now be thinking last time you went to a shop to get 1 thing and came out with another 10 and a chocolate bar in your hand.

We are all guilty of impulse buys, but it is something you can change and improve on not only to save your pocket but also to skip on junk food that you will regret later on. Here are my rules on doing grocery shopping the clever way.

Tips to do essential grocery shopping smart

  • On your way to the shop eat an apple. (People who has a filling fruit in their stomach, like a juicy apple, bought 28 % more fruits and veggies than those who had a cookie. (ref. Cornell Food and Brand lab.)
  • In the shop stick to the must-buy list of things and head directly to them rather than wander all isles
  • Take with you an eco-friendly/reusable shopping bag/tote.Try to avoid taking shopping cart and basket if can.( A Harvard business School study found that the people may reward themselves for being green by buying more junk food. (Resist temptation!)
  • Resist to impulse buying while at the checkout! (usually they put all the candies and junk food there). The guilty outbreaks happen at the end of the shopping. So try to choose the fast line (line for people with few items) or self checkout if possible. 


Here you go! These are tips that are helping to me and hope they will help to you as well!

Happy weekend!

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