Extra motiviation boost to get ready for the summer holiday

Extra motiviation boost to get ready for the summer holiday

It’s remained 20 days till my beach adventure at the south of Italy and can’t wait to knock off heels and feel the sand under my feet! So doing my best to get in best possible shape-  it’s my second week of infused water and detox cure (and i must say it is working!!! ) also now going everywhere with my bicycle and try to walk and move as much as possible and cutting back on those friendly Milanese aperetivos and socializing eating/drinking instead inviting people over to my place/ their place for homemade, healthy brunch, (check some healthy and delicious recipe ideas here) picnic/dinner or after dinner tea. good for your health as well as your pocket!
Do it for yourself

Every day I hear people are giving up on their goals for a leaner and more fit body for the summer holidays just because they lack of self motivation, so I decided to put together some collection of few of my inspiration quotes and pictures to keep you going and come closer to that happy, smiley and wild summer pictures and doing it not only to motivate others but also myself.

In the end – it is not if you will have the perfect, flat belly or lean muscles – it’s about about keep going, striving for progress, getting better results and not giving up and moreover not letting others trap you feeling guilty and discourage you from obtaining your goals just because they are jealous or feel guilty of not doing the same.
No excuses
Keep moving
No junk food nor cheat meals
stick to your goals
Stay focused!
Visualize and you are one stop closer!
Drink plenty of  water
and drink green tea
cut back on carbs
I hope these pictures will boost your confidence to stay focused, not listen to negative minds and get closer to a better shape! KEEP GOING!
P.S. For more of my motivational work-out pictures that keeps me going and stay focused – check out my “We Heart It” account by clicking here!


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