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What’s in the handbag of a chic traveler

What’s in the handbag of a chic traveler

Another manic Monday (everyone now listen to this song by The Bangles). BUT this week, unlike others, will end with a bag packing and preparing for a winter break!! YUPIII!!! can’t wait for the weekend to arrive and finish wrapping up the last Christmas gifts and writing last cards to my beloved ones with warm winter wishes and of course pack my bags to take off. 

The secret of a every well packed bag, especially in winter, is preparation. As a pro-packer (can wake me up in a middle of night and will be ready to catch the plane in 20 min.) and traveler than have already worked out my handbag essentials till the last detail and that’s why I wish to share such with you too guys.

Before hitting the road (any road, even the one to the work) I always make sure I have my essentials with me. My absolute basic list consist of a purse that can fit all: wallet, coin purse, glasses, couple of lipsticks, notebook, pocket mirror, lip balm and a nutrition hand cream and of course a small perfume.

my winter bag

My winter bag

Good lip balm and hand cream is an absolute necessity in a winter and especially comes handy when traveling, as the plane/train conditioned air really makes the skin dry as well as the weather conditions therefore I am not leaving the house with them. My absolute all time favorites are from Japan – Yojiya collection. So nice.

My winter travel purse essentials

My winter travel purse essentials

Than of course a hand sanitizing liquid, when travelling, is a necessity as well. Especially if planning to snack during the trip.

As a person who spends big time traveling than big size cosmetics is absolute no-good for me and therefore prefer mini or travel size everything. Especially in love with my Victoria’s Secret travel essentials that I just cannot imagine none of my trip. Sleeping mask, perfume, lipstick, hand cream, face cream and lip balm. 

Victoria's Secret Jet Setter travel essential pack

Victoria’s Secret Jet Setter travel essential pack

Pink, oh, so pink and oh so lovely as well! 

Than of course, depending on destination I take with me other essentials, like ear plugs, just in case of loud babies or too cheerful company behind me when trying to sleep. My ear buds (for the same reasons or concentration to get some work done) . Last but not least of course some reading or computer, OR my latest all time best discovery – adult coloring book. So relaxing and so fun – brings you back in a childhood and let’s your inner artist fly. TRY IT!

Hemma - coloring postcard book

Hemma – coloring postcard book – got it in Sweden but they are all over the world

and this was my piece of art on my way to Tokyo.

Colored robot

My interpretation of the theme – Robot’s of the future

Do I have a talent or what? Color mania! ^_^ 


This is my hand bag essentials to survive even the longest trip so what about you? What you have it in your handbag?


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