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Recipe: Banana protein bread

Recipe: Banana protein bread

It’s finally Friday again! The best phrase ever for my ears today! Yesterday’s Nike 1 mile challenge got me like ” mum, I don’t want to go to school work today”. it’s been one hell of a week at work, gym, workouts, running, organizing, socializing and working on summer projects, challenges (like #JourneyToSplits challenge. About which you can read here and still join it!)  that today I feel destroyed that all I want to do is to be at home and just chill, hit the bed early and wake up and have a lovely piece of Banana protein bread with a big cup of green tea for a super breakfast to regain my strengths and get back on track.

Unfortunately the beautiful breakfast was last weekend and not sure if will be able to wake up early tomorrow to make another one, but definitely will be cookin’ which I love to do – so relaxing!

Actually it is funny but I have never tried traditional banana bread and I do go crazy for bananas! Just so you know traditional banana bread is primarily made out of sugar, white flour, and butter. Even though it features a fruit—the almighty banana—banana bread isn’t healthy. It’s mostly sugar and fat. And as I am fit chef that likes to tweaks recipes than this was a good case to try my own healthy version of it by customizing Annas Sward’s Banana protein bread recipe and adding my own experience.

If you want to try your own Banana Protein bread – here is the recipe. Easy, pretty fast, healthy and so delicious!  

Protein Banana Bread

Banana Protein bread

Banana Protein bread



This is for 1 medium size banana loaf for approximate 6 servings. And here is the Nutrition information.

Homemade banana bread nutrition value

Homemade banana bread nutrition facts



Step one:

Preheat oven for 170° C (335° F).

Blend Bananas and fig

Blend bananas and fig

Blend bananas and fig

Step 2

Whisk the egg whites

Whisk the egg whites

Whisk the egg whites

Step 3

Add yogurt

add the yogurt and spices

add the yogurt and spices

Step 4

Add the flour and protein powder as well as remaining ingredients.

mix together reminingingredients

mix together remaining ingredients

and mix them well

Mix well

Mix well till forms smooth mass

Step 5

Grease with coconut oil the form and pour in the mixture

grease the form with coconut oil and pour in the mixture

grease the form with coconut oil and pour in the mixture

Step 6

Put in oven and bake for 45 – 60 min. depending on oven. I suggest to take out after 45min and check it with a toothpick (if not sticking pastry on it – it’s ready). Cool it down and it’s ready to eat!

Voilà! ready in 45 min!

Voilà! ready in 45 min!

I enjoyed it hot! Yummy!

Banana bread is ready to be served! enjoy it while it's hot!

Banana bread is ready to be served! enjoy it while it’s hot!

I enjoyed this wonderful, healthy  bread for next 3 mornings.

Also perfect alternative for usual overnight oats.

Protein_banana_bread_recipe (15)


Decorated with couple of blueberries

Decorated with couple of blueberries

Protein_banana_bread_recipe (20)


Enjoy while it's hot!

Enjoy while it’s hot!

Protein_banana_bread_recipe (26)


Easy peasy, blueberry squeezy!

What about you? How you like your banana bread?

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