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  • (MY) Summer wedding in charming hunters castle in Latvia
  • (MY) Summer wedding in charming hunters castle in Latvia
  • (MY) Summer wedding in charming hunters castle in Latvia
  • (MY) Summer wedding in charming hunters castle in Latvia

(MY) Summer wedding in charming hunters castle in Latvia

I have briefly mentioned already in my past posts that August was my get-away from society month to recharge and reconnect with my family and friends and above all my love. Also August was a month when I got married. ( However I don’t want to claim that I am not Miss Athlètique anymore, it’s still me! and always will be despites of the status! Reply to my readers question.)

When you get married, and oh, boy! you are stressed out to manage EVERYTHING and everyone but the satisfaction of all that trouble are just out of the window when the day arrives and even now – when you look back to videos and photos of that day and you take only the happy moments and faces. And no detail is significant anymore but the fun, love and joy you are feeling.

So here, some exclusive preview of how it went. Read More

Fit food & Drinks, Travel

Every time I go back home to Latvia I am trying to get my hands on all the good and delicious local foods that you just cannot access to living in Italy like: sea buckthorn, wild cranberries, black bread, curd, power milk*, chanterelles, apples from my garden and so on and on.  I always try to incorporate them in my diet while I am there as well as try to bring back with me as much as possible. So needless to say that my getaway has a particular diet while I am here. 

BUT that doesn’t mean that I am not following what I am putting on my plate. I still stick to my diet, but just trying to freshen it up with a local super foods. Here are some of my recommendations to stay in shape (and even improve it), that you just MUST try, while you are in Latvia (or any other North European country for that matter). Read More


When the winter comes the will to leave house to work out is reducing every week and the desire for a big cup of hot cocoa and some chocolate chip cookie along with it is growing every second. BUT you should not give in to the sweet temptations and forget your goal: dream body, summer body, loosing 5 kilos or loosing muffin top just tone your body so you can hit a spa at holidays confident about your body. So here is a daily dose of motivation to suck up and push even harder to strive for even better results.

I know the weather is not helping to get you motivated and all the Christmas decorations and sweet offers either, BUT don’t get carried away, but carry on! Don’t give up just because things get rough! Think about your future self and how thankful she will be to you resisting temptation and adding some extra effort before Christmas holiday. 

I am currently away for holiday so there is temptation on every corner. (All those childhood sweets and traditioanl dishes, friends meeting and gatherings, dinner parties and brunch with loads of goodies on the table… BUT I repeat to myself my goal, motivate myself and inspire to resist the temptations but better squeeze time to hit the gym. (Yep, took even my running shoes and gym stuff with me). 

So if this will not motivate you, my struggle being home and not eating everything I cannot get in Italy, and of course mum’s made cakes (she is sooooo good at it), etc. than hope these sarcastic and evil pictures will motivate you!

Read More


Workout Wednesday is here and also my last day of holiday is here. As today I am travelling all day than will miss out my Wednesday workout but will take my time, in plane and airport, to review my new workout and adopt it to my next month travelling schedule. Also it is a good time to update my workout playlist to get best out of my training: to push harder, resist lon [ger and strive for progress and without a good and pumping workout playlist I just cannot imagine my workout. So here is my summers workout playlist that might inspire you too.

Workout playlist – full of lifting and power songs:

1.  Tinie Tempah ( feat.2 Chainz) – Trampoline 
2.  X Ambassadors – Jungle 
3. Skrillex  &  Diplo (feat. Kiesza) – Take Ü there 
4. Juicy J feat. Big Sean and Young

5. Jerry (Explicit Version) – Show Out
6. Calvin Harris feat. Big Sean – Open Wide
7. DMX – X Gon’ Give It To Ya 
8. Lil Jon feat. Tyga  – Bend Ova
9. Andy C (Extended Version) – Heartbeat Loud
10. Skrillex (feat. Sirah) – Bangarang 
11. Iggy Azalea – Iggy SZN 
12. Major Lazer (feat. Bruno) – Bubble Butt 
13. Noise Mac feat. Selecta – Dub Step Kill Dem 
14. The Cataract feat. Sky Blu – Alcohol 
15. Lil Wayne feat. Big Sean – My Homies Still
16. Kanye West – Bound 2 (cool down song)


What’s your favourite work out song?

  • Motivational Monday – How to get fitter and happier
  • Motivational Monday – How to get fitter and happier
  • Motivational Monday – How to get fitter and happier

Motivational Monday – How to get fitter and happier

Past couple of days has been so emotional and filled with mixed feelings – joy, stress, love, friendship, fatigue, thrill, adrenaline all because one of my dearest friends were getting married and I was doing my best to make this day beautiful and memorable to her. I believe I lost couple of kilos in last 2 days by running to manage everything on time, to help with surprise decorations at her house, the party place and organizing some fun activities after the ceremony. Of course the day after I was exhausted because went to be bed only at 6 am, but was definitely worth it (and as says my friends grandmother :” who is coming to wedding to sleep?!”, so no complaining about lack of my beauty sleep. 

All the event, kind words and the whole atmosphere made me pensive the day after making me think of several things, like friends, family, attitudes and comments, surroundings and food as well as personal life and the way I have chosen to live it.  I realized that so many people want everyone to be the same, to stick to the same social norms, standards and have the same lifestyle and interests that’s hard for them to accept that someone has chosen to live their lives as they wish them to and as they find it better for themselves. This is where so many people does not see the line of things that can be discussed and said and when it’s better not to cross it. Read More

Fit food & Drinks

Fridays are perfect days to experiment and try out some new recipe – this time I went creative and decided to give a try to a salty cake. As I have never tried one before than it was quite a challenge to see how it goes and I must say it turned out absolutely wonderful, delicious and so much more easier than I thought! BUT, there is always a catch! The patience! Oh, boy! you need a patience to slice and roll,slice and roll. When I realized that all the slices of the veggies must be the same size I hated myself as I knew it will be a looooong preparation process..and indeed, it took me like an hour to roll it, so not planning to repeat it anytime soon, even if it was one of the most delicious things I have ever made.

As this is recipe is really easy, healthy and delicious than it is an absolute must try! Will positively impress your friends/ family at a dinner/lunch party everyone! And I mean EVERYONE! So here come the recipe. Read More

  • How to warm up before any boot camp even on bachelorette party
  • How to warm up before any boot camp even on bachelorette party
  • How to warm up before any boot camp even on bachelorette party
  • How to warm up before any boot camp even on bachelorette party
  • How to warm up before any boot camp even on bachelorette party
  • How to warm up before any boot camp even on bachelorette party

How to warm up before any boot camp even on bachelorette party

Every bachelorette party is different, some is calm, some is wild, some involves naughty tasks and games, but some has full of surprises – like a boot camp in a middle of forest as part of a list of tasks and exercises to complete to become a proper wife. This is what exactly happened one of my best friends bachelorette party last week in Latvia, where each of girls had to be responsible for an activity or two and as I am the sporty one – I had to lead the wake up warm up as well as warm up before the boot camp/ survivor in a forest for a team building.

As we all know before every activity one should properly warm up, even before unknown ones – like a challenging team building/boot camp in a forest. As a professional – military guy was asked to organized the activity than even I had no clue about it, so did my best to prepare girls for every kind of challenge and avoid injuries. Read More


it’s been just 4th day of my vacations but already seems that I have been here for 2 weeks as so many things has been done already – Bachelorette party, home warming parties, sightseeing, baby seeing, friend gatherings and so many more things, like workout and being trained by TeamFisher. Must say got some issues with stairs and hair combing the next day but you know what they say – better sore than sorry. I am totally not sorry, just sore.


Usually when I go to gym I like to train alone to concentrate better but time to time it’s important that someone couch you and push you harder and and check your performance and I had a perfection occasion to improve my performance by training with professional athletes – with TeamFisher.

The video is a little preview – how my leg day goes. These are some suggestions what girls can do for legs to build definition of for legs and butt. No! you will not become muscular like a body builder if you lift weights – not happening! Look at me, if you don’t believe me. I lift heavy weights for 2 years already and still not getting bulky – just seeing some better shapes – that’s all. SO don’t be afraid to touch the weights at gym and ask for an advice to a professional trainer.

My video leg day routine goes like this:

warm up for legs.

4 sets of 15 repetitions for all exercises with 1min pause in between. (weight per choice or possibilities. If you are a beginner – start with lower weights and increase over time)

  • Squat
  • Leg press
  • Walking lunges with weights
  • Stiff legged deadlift with barbell
  • Lying leg curls
  • Seated Leg curl


Some of the exercises are in my weekly schedule as I am working for that butt lifting and having nice legs).

What About you? What’s your target to improve in your body??

P.S. The T-shirt is appropriate as it was a Monday workout.



Labrīt! This means Good Morning in Latvian! Greetings from my week off from Milan’s heat. As each of my Latvia’s trip it’s always planned and organized till last minute, BUT that doesn’t mean that I have forgot about my training schedule and clean eating. And so shouldn’t you! Just because it is vacations doesn’t mean you can let yourself go completely and forget about your fitness objectives and ruin all your progress with screw-everything-I-want-to-eat-everything! and let’s-work-out-when-I-am-back-home kind of attitude! Sure it’s ok time to time not be hard on yourself and let you enjoy some sweets, traditional-typical food and skip some workout. That’s all fine and understandable – that’s why the vacations are for – to enjoy them and rest your body and soul. The same is for me, but with some limitations – I do enjoy some traditional food and some dessert and time to time skip workout but still keep my eyes on my goals and fitness objectives and not lose all progress, as starting from beginning is always harder than maintaining your progress. After all it’s all about balance and knowing what you want for the moment and what’s your long term goals. Read More

Fit food & Drinks

Named one of the food pearls of Riga, Kilimanjaro is a place where you do want to have your dinner  held if want to experience an excellent, white glove service in a non-traditional, African style restaurant which happens to be named one of the best restaurants in Riga (Took 8th place in the excellence award of best restaurants in Riga in 2014). Therefore this was also my restaurant choice when in come to choose where to celebrate my mom’s birthday.

The restaurant offers exotic and traditional, gourmet plates in a friendly atmosphere adding a complementary snacks/drinks between the courses for a fair price together with a high standard service.

Here you can see for yourselves how my foodie experience went (even on a strict diet like I have ). Read More


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