Travel: Tips for a short trip to Bavaria’s Capital – Munich

Travel: Tips for a short trip to Bavaria’s Capital – Munich

During my business trips it’s hard to get to know the place you are going to, so I always try to make best out of the both, combining work and private life squeezing in some picture,note or reference about the country and people, mixing together with my personal impressions, feelings and discoveries.

This time was Munich. The mother of beer gardens, beer fests and class.
This is my impression of capital of Bavaria.
So here are some pictures caught on running from one meeting to another and from hotel to dinner without a map.
I stayed in this small but fashionable boutique hotel Falkentrum . It is right behind the main shopping street – Maximilianstrasse, where you will find all the big brands : Guchi, Dior, Chanel, Rolex, etc.etc.
Hotel has a lovely touch in each room combining houndstood pattern and having some small accents here a and there like orchid tied together hand and fingertip towels in bathroom and a small candy on a table.
Hotel Falkentrum doubble room design


Hotel Falkentrum doubble room design in houndstooth pattern
Hotel Falkentrum doubble room design

I really liked the way room was presented – really chic and perfect for a business woman on the go.

Hotel Falkentrum bathoorm

as the mirrors were half of wall in bathroom I easily get in the picture too.

fingertip and hand towel

Tea room where was breakfasts was also nice with a beer-bottle-vase twist on each table to keep up with the Beer capital reputation but twisting their own way

beer bottle rose vase
And this was my breakfast. needed to get some proteins and good carbs for morning  to manage to go on for whole day. As always said my grandmother – the breakfast is the most important meal of the day – and depending how it was it will set a pattern for the whole day.
I never eat yolk, as has too much cholesterol and i don’t like it as well, but i do make a sandwich with my cup of coffee.
By the end of the day I was pretty exhausted but as it was my first time to Munich than I was taken to one of the most famous bar in the city – Schumann’s  and as locals say it-most famous cocktails and bartenders in whole Germany. They have a huge selection of cocktails (both – alcoholic and nonalcoholic – which i was really happy about) with all ingredient and year’s invented  – next to it (this detail to me was a nice touch). 
On my way I passed by a hot air balloon painted in graffiti in Marienhoff square but have no clue what was it for, guess representing hot air balloon race they are hosting every summer. The one’s who are following me on Instagram already had a sneak-a-peak of it, but here it comes again.
Marienhoff square at Munich
Heading further to the agreed appointment place found a nice, silver dog statue-decoration for one of the bars.
Silver bulldog
While in Germany you should try different foods and drinks. One of the nicest discoveries was a rhubarb water which is really famous there as a refreshing drink and delicious I must add as well as really healthy and full with vitamins (which you can use in different, infused water recipe variations to spice up your water detox cure). My recommendation to definitely try it.
Rhubarb water
 Another thing you must try is a warm pretzel… and this is what I did – it was my afternoon snack on my way to airport. As learned from locals – Ditsch bakery has the best ones. so make sure not to pass by their stand without getting one. Moreover they are not as caloric as you might thought! Check them out on their homepage under nutrition information.
Ditsch bakery
Traditional German pretzel
Despite of temptation to eat 5 pretzels at a time I was sticking to my diet, even though while travelling it is pretty difficult as all frequency of meals falls apart but still trying to do my best to incorporate everything like adding a pretzel into a diet and just reducing on other carbs during the day. Therefore can still try out new foods typical of the place and remain in form. (Will make a separate entry how to stick with a balanced diet while travelling but not missing out on a local things which is a shame to not try out).
During on y way back to Milan Air Dolomiti was offering this fun dinner-snack on their planes- a cheese snack served together with a wet wipe so you can eat with hands. must say that’s a nice touch from their side.
Air Dolomiti crackers and cheese snack on board
Oh and yes, here is my travel-business-women-summery-look-of-the-day.
Business travel look
I always try to choose dresses that is not going to leave wrinkles even if have to sit in a plane for hours. Moreover as I know I will have to move and walk a lot I prefer to go with a dress that is light, doesn’t take much space in the bag, and preferably not in bright colors as not really practical and see even a smallest mark, which is pretty likely to happen if have to spend hours travelling


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