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2 weeks No-caffeine challenge results

2 weeks No-caffeine challenge results

Living in Italy and not drinking a coffee is something that does not really goes well together with the local culture especially because you cannot imagine a meeting, starting your morning (properly) or finishing a meal that would not involve a short, black coffee from a mini cup.  As we all know how proud Italians are with their black as night, sweet as love and hot as the hell coffee so taking that away drags you in the center of attention immediately.. So this is what happened with me last 2 weeks as I was resetting my caffeine tolerance by cutting down on coffee.

I must say that living in Milan for 5 years you really get used to drinking coffee and it is harder to quit a habit than I was thinking it would be, but I made it (with some floss in my strict plan, BUT still did it) and can proudly say that I have definitely reset my caffeine tolerance and that it definitely works! 

Week one: first days were the hardest ones not because of the desire of drinking coffee but skipping after-lunch coffee drinking/socializing with my colleagues the same was for the weekend as were having friends staying over and saying no to an proper Italian lunch and coffee drinking was impossible (gave in and had one too). Therefore first week failed just 3 times and had a cup of coffee while the rest of the times had only a tea or water. Were not too proud for not being stronger with myself but still managed to do pretty good.

Week two: if following to my adventures on Instagram or here already know that I was all week in England and as the coffee culture is not as strong as tea culture there so were way easier to stick to my challenge and finish it properly and not having a cup of coffee, not even after sleeping for 5-6 h + working out at 6am before spending morning to evening in an intense meetings at the fair and catching planes at sunrise without having even breakfast. Despite all the downsides and the fact that sometimes were completely exhausted and sleepy managed to resist the temptation of getting a caffeine. (Proud of myself). So finished my 2 week challenge properly and I can proudly say that I have reset my caffeine tolerance level as I planned! This morning had a proper cup of coffee (as I overslept and were late for work) and I can tell you that it definitely works it’s effect and feeling energized, powerful and hyper active after having one. 

to much coffee

too much coffee

Slightly feeling like the above picture and that I can move mountains make two back flips and have an intensive Muay thai training session right now! (I guess it’s working, huh?)

Now the next step is to get back on intensive workout schedule and incorporate caffeine only before training to improve my performance and stamina, have more muscle fuel, improve circulation and have less muscle soreness after the training. (More caffeine benefits before working out you can find on article or Bodybuilding homepages.


So try it for yourself and will see the results already after 2 weeks! (My resetting plan you can see here!)


Happy Monday!

XoXO Egitaa

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