Motivational Monday – how to embrace outdoor wellness

Motivational Monday – how to embrace outdoor wellness

Mornings are getting fresher and air is getting chillier and you can definitely feel that today is the first day of autumn.  Even though the sun is still shining it is not as hot as it used to be a month ago and we will not manage to blink our eyes that the colorful leaves and fall rains will arrive so it is last opportunity to make the best out of this wonderful weather and enjoy the last sunny days by spending them outdoors!

I actually do enjoy this weather a lot because you still can dress light but mornings asks for some scarf/ poncho perfectly pairing with a tumbler filled with a good, green tea you to warm you up.

So the first thing to embrace the outdoor wellness is to get yourself a good cup of a green tea to start morning right, boost your immune system and detox your body.

My Starbucks Kyoto tumbler with a green tea for those autumn mornings

My Starbucks Kyoto tumbler with a green tea for those autumn mornings


Nothing beats a good cup of tea on a chilly morning to get your day going! I believe I have like 50 different types of tea split between work and home to get my right dose of energy boost when needed.

The second one is to find the perfect outdoors activity and/or workout/training routine that that can be performed outdoors.

As the weather is still too nice to train inside than I go for a HIIT and weight body training in my park under the house. One hour of mix of jumping rope and some mix up total body weight exercises and you will have the right dose of energy for the rest of the week although it can be whatever activity as long as it is outdoors. It might be a hiking in a place you never been before, trekking, power walk with your dog, a morning jog, bicycling or a walk with your friends to catch up after summer holidays, whatever it is  try to make it active and spend outdoors as much time as possible as soon as you will not have the possibility when the fall showers will arrive. So fix your inner Zen with some good outdoors activities.  

great outdoors by

great outdoors by

Take inspiration from this image and embrace some outdoor wellness. Whether you do a little meditation or some deep-belly breathing it’s a great way to reduce stress and get some much-needed vitamin D.

I believe it’s also a perfect time to organize a trip you never been before to enjoy Autumn properly. My all time favorite place for the fall is a small, picturesque city that gets colored by autumn in Latvia called Sigulda sometimes called “little Switzerland“. For me it is one of the most beautiful places in Europe especially in fall. 

(See it from the above in this wonderful video).

Got inspired? so get your hiking shoes ready and go see it (live it) yourself!

Third – get the right equipment – clothing, shoes etc. to enjoy the best of your outdoor activities!

Outdoor workout equipment

Outdoor workout equipment

As the saying goes – there is no such things as a bad weather just inappropriate clothing! So take the best out of your outdoor activities with the right piece of clothing. The mornings are getting chilly, so don’t forget to wear that extra layer to not get colds and enjoy great outdoors for your inner piece of body and mind, embrace the wellness and boost your immune system to get ready for the winter!


What’s your outdoor tips? How do you like to spend your free time outdoors at fall?

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