Travel: Heading South – Naples review PART II

Travel: Heading South – Naples review PART II

Second part of my trip leads us to the famous Naples – the capital in South of Italy.

Something you must live yourself to catch the feeling because they are so different depending on the people, expectations and experience and what pictures cannot describe is how the city makes you feel.
if you like busy life, nonstop movement, voices, sounds and unorganized things – you will feel like fish in the water. for me it was a chaos which was hard to adopt to at the first place as i was not imagining the city to be like not even close.See for yourself some things that caught my and Wall-Egi eye (my Nikkon).
Neapolitan traditional mask – Pulcinella

handmade wall clocks

must say these extraordinary watches do catch your attention immediately. Loved the Westie one.
the narrow tourist street in historical center was full of these traditional masks and figurines.

nativity play

what this street is also famous for is the nativity play characters as well as items and figurines to bring back home and build your own nativity play (it is really famous in Italy, especially at South to have it for Christmas period with baby Jesus).

figurines of famous people

this was fun to see! figurines of famous people in Italy and world mastered perfectly. some of them was a good laugh!

spaghetti meter

this is useful if you want to know how much spaghetti you need to cook if your friends are coming over!

in the line to Napoli Sotterranea

usie, just because my arm length is above average so for me it is natural.

Napoli Sotterranea

Napoli Sotterranea was an adventure underground, in a dark. this experiece really gives you a feeling how was to live and hide there during the War to survive bombing. cold and humid, spooky and lonely, but still the walls keep so many stories and memories.


at one point you get a candle and are asked to follow a lady in a narrow and low passages and take a candle with you.

underwater-carrier where people got clean drinking water.

Calzone pizza

After hours and hours of walking it’s time to stop and have some fuel – aka – food. Pizza is a must try when you are in Naples – it’s cradle of it.

my favorite one – pizza with mushrooms

pizza with eggplant and zucchini. (Just for your info – I did not have all of them, just pictures. moderation is the key).


me with fishing nets

Vesuvius Vulcan

that’s the famous Vesuvius vulcan.

i have some serious problems to keep my eyes open but i do like the colors of the picture 🙂

the famous sfogliatella riccia which is a MUST try.

and with this calm view from a coast I put an end to second part of my trip. the third and last still to come.


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