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Living in Italy and not drinking a coffee is something that does not really goes well together with the local culture especially because you cannot imagine a meeting, starting your morning (properly) or finishing a meal that would not involve a short, black coffee from a mini cup.  As we all know how proud Italians are with their black as night, sweet as love and hot as the hell coffee so taking that away drags you in the center of attention immediately.. So this is what happened with me last 2 weeks as I was resetting my caffeine tolerance by cutting down on coffee.

I must say that living in Milan for 5 years you really get used to drinking coffee and it is harder to quit a habit than I was thinking it would be, but I made it (with some floss in my strict plan, BUT still did it) and can proudly say that I have definitely reset my caffeine tolerance and that it definitely works!  Read More

Fit food & Drinks

When it is constantly hot, like it is in Italy this summer, than the last thing you want to do is to stay behind a kitchen oven for hours to prepare a lovely meal. This is the case for as I rather preferring something quick, refreshing and nourishing, and what can be better than a cold smoothie or freshly squeezed fruit juice to beat the heat as an afternoon snack?

It’s not only fast, but also good for you to get in all the daily vitamins from a fresh fruit and vegetables of the season. I love experimenting with smoothies and fruit juices as the possibilities and combinations are endless. The only thing to bear in mind is dosages and not go wild with amounts – as also liquid calories are calories.

My last weeks favorites are divided by colors: Red (watermelon) , Orange ( nectarine and carrot) and Colormix (banana, plum and blueberrykiwi).  Read More

Fit food & Drinks
this week I’m travelling for work around Nordics, so that’s the reason why haven’t been writing recently.
my journey started in Copenhagen where i arrived on Sunday morning.
as i was pretty hungry i checked in hotel and i hit the streets to find somewhere to grab a bite.
while checking out the shops and window shopping i saw these awesome smoothies with such a simple but clever packaging and slogans by Froosh (check them out here) . So couldn’t resist and get some. And i must say, it tastes as good as it looks. Italy should definitely get something like this.

another awesome smoothy thing was protein smoothy by Nutramino (check them out here, unfortunately just in Swedish, Norwegian and Danish). How cool is that? Italian drink producers -here is an idea for u:)Each guy or gal’ going to gym or loving healthy lifestyle and appreciating good taste, will thank you.



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