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C’est Tea Time!

C’est Tea Time!

TEA! one of my favorite drinks ever! relaxing, refreshing, tasty! green and healthy!
Important addition to every diet and must-have item in every first-aid-winter-kit! 🙂
what can be better than a (ice) tea time with your ladies and a sunny Sunday afternoon?

here are a nice chart chart to determine how long and at what temperature you should steep your tea:

This useful tips were found in Tevnana homepage. click here. BTW, love their tea jars 🙂 so cute 🙂

Here are also some facts about tea time – really visual!

And here are some suggestions for picking out your tea.

BUT THIS..mmm this is how should look like my dream apartments living room.. the big windows and a breathtaking view. (this is from Ritz Carlton, Hong Kong).

Ok. let’s stop drinking and organize some real brunch on the roof top with my adorable ladies.
C’est tea time! ^_^

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