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  • How to avoid snacking or Food cravings explained
  • How to avoid snacking or Food cravings explained

How to avoid snacking or Food cravings explained

We all have our preferences and we all have some kind of food that is harder to resist than other. Some has mom’s homemade apple pie, somebody a milk chocolate and somebody cupcakes with a chocolate icing. Some people, like me, has just general food cravings and mostly when we are bored our hands are reaching out to take some sweet or candy which is in our sight. Sometimes we just want something salty – like potato crisps or something oily – why it is so and do we really know what we need?
I set up this simple chart explaining what we crave  and what actually our body needs. This chart has changed my mindset completely and must add that it works splendidly – give it a try and will be avoiding that cupcakes and crisps in no time. Read More

Fit food & Drinks

Every country has their own tradition for Easter, one of my favorite is Easter egg coloring with natural colors as after you put them on a festivity table, exchange with neighbors, family and friends for neighborly living.  (Also for this reason my family usually go for 30-40 egg coloring as you need to eat them, exchange them and fight them as well).

Easter morning starts with your colored egg finding inside your house or garden (where usually Easter bunny is leaving them) together with some nice card, chocolate and marzipan egg. The egg hunting is usually for all the family together or kids. Once you have found yours you go go back for breakfast and have the traditional egg fight too. Read More

Fit food & Drinks

Tomorrow is officially first day of Spring and it means that it is time to “Spring clean” your diet, so out with the heavy fall and winter fare and in with springtime fruits and veggies.

Eating in-season products is always a good idea as they contains the most nutrition value and vitamins. So here is a nice list of vegetables and fruits you should search for when going grocery shopping to local shop or farmer’s market.

Read More

Fit food & Drinks
I saw this article on my friends FB page and decided that this asks for sharing and will be a nice addition to my previous entry about “water” what water actually does to you!
However this time will be about Coke (yes, that’s right! ) and Water. turns out Coke is really useful as well..but NOT in the diet and nutrition kind a way..
check it out! I already bought my bottle and can’t wait to start trying out these tips!
Fit food & Drinks
Hello in August everyone !   The month of vacations, beach,sun, fun and parties. however, we shouldn’t forget also about eating right and having a physical activities.. I know, I know, gyms are closed and heat is sucking the last will out of us to do any sporty activities, but still! let’s try to focus here and try to stay in shape, so when September arrives we do not have to kill ourselves in hard work-out routines in gym or starve.


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