• Motivational Monday – How to get fitter and happier
  • Motivational Monday – How to get fitter and happier
  • Motivational Monday – How to get fitter and happier

Motivational Monday – How to get fitter and happier

Past couple of days has been so emotional and filled with mixed feelings – joy, stress, love, friendship, fatigue, thrill, adrenaline all because one of my dearest friends were getting married and I was doing my best to make this day beautiful and memorable to her. I believe I lost couple of kilos in last 2 days by running to manage everything on time, to help with surprise decorations at her house, the party place and organizing some fun activities after the ceremony. Of course the day after I was exhausted because went to be bed only at 6 am, but was definitely worth it (and as says my friends grandmother :” who is coming to wedding to sleep?!”, so no complaining about lack of my beauty sleep. 

All the event, kind words and the whole atmosphere made me pensive the day after making me think of several things, like friends, family, attitudes and comments, surroundings and food as well as personal life and the way I have chosen to live it.  I realized that so many people want everyone to be the same, to stick to the same social norms, standards and have the same lifestyle and interests that’s hard for them to accept that someone has chosen to live their lives as they wish them to and as they find it better for themselves. This is where so many people does not see the line of things that can be discussed and said and when it’s better not to cross it.

healthy food vs junk food

healthy food vs junk food

For me it is is especially hard because so many people think they have rights or they are doing me a favor to “teaching” me how to live, by giving me tips and comments what I am eating, how I am eating and how often I am eating. They look at me weird and make teasing remarks when I take out my plastic box with home made chicken and rice, or salad that does not have any dressings, or eat peanut butter with banana. They give me comments that I am gone crazy by going so much to gym and planning my day around the meals (yes, I do that as I am eating 5-6 times per day). 

proud woman that works out and have a big, round booty

proud woman that works out and have a big, round booty


At first I felt guilty and tried to find some excuses and reasons to explain my reasons, but it does not help. I still get those comments and “jokes” about what I am putting on my plate, why I am doing strength training or running at 6am. Often those comments are judgmental that I am not “normal” or I am not living a “normal and healthy” life in their eyes. I asked myself WHY people care? Why they are so interested and worried about my food and life and what I put in my mouth but never even thought that it is not their business! It’s just not!


Don’t let someone who gave up on their dream talk you out of yours.

I realized that people judge because of their own insecurities and are jealous because they cannot dare to do that themselves, so it’s easier judge and drag down anyone else who tries to be different, who has realized what he/she doesn’t like about themselves and trying to change that or just have a dream and trying to go for that!

Devotion is the key

Devotion is the key


This is what I have learned to become happier and fitter and hope these revelations will help someone like they are helping me!

  • stop caring of people comments and opinions!
  • write down your objective
  • find the right tools and steps to reach it
  • do every day something to get closer to the dream
  • give yourself a reasonable time frame to achieve your goal
  • be patience – results takes time
  • get rid of the people who do not wish you well and demotivates you
  • don’t share your dream with someone who will not understand it
  • surround yourself with people who supports your goal/dream
  • find a mentor/person who have reached the same objective and learn from him/her
  • be yourself the biggest supporter and motivator


These are just some simple rules that helps me to reach for my aim – which is to ave a lean and fit body that I am proud of and might exhibit it on day on a stage as a bikini model (not as a body builder, but a body with a low percentage of fat, who is confident, lean and strong and are not afraid to show off her lean, fit booty at the beach without jiggling body parts. hehe .

Objective - stay motivated and work for a a lean body

Objective – stay motivated and work for a a lean body

These are not just simple rules how to get a six pack and eat clean, it can be also taken as a life  advice for everything you are trying to do to reach fro your dreams! Either it is becoming a professional ballet dancer or street artist; dream is dream and no one are allowed to comment it, change it or talk you out of it! After all – it is your life you are living and your duty is to do it so you are happy and satisfied by the end of the journey when you look back on your life passed (preferably with a love of your life by your side, and slowly rocking in your rocking chair on a front lawn while watching sunset over the beach. My lovely, dream ending).

Good luck chasing you dreams! AND whenever you need a supportive comment/feedback or extra motivation – I am here! Just drop me a line and let’s talk!


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