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  • Popping-in at Marina Hoermanseder’s show during Berlin Fashion week

Popping-in at Marina Hoermanseder’s show during Berlin Fashion week

So I went to Berlin to see Marina Hermanseder show as part of our new and exciting collaboration between Sanrio and Marina for co-branded Hello Kitty line. The weather was wonderful:sun was shining and the Swarovski  embroidered crystals was sparkling especial bright giving a magic touch to the models outfits.

The line was colorful and fun with nice touch of Marina’s signature belts, bows and butterflies. Wonderful Louboutin sandals and heels gave extra glamour and summer chic to the collection. Needless to say that would love to have them all in my closet too. Both-outfits and shoes.
Here is my favorite picture from the show – with happy and smiley Marina herself after the show.

Me and lovely Marina

Here are some pearls from the show.

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As always I am paying a flying visit to Germany (Yesterday Stuttgart and today Frankfurt) for business meetings. But even on a tough schedule I try not to skip a workout day (and Wednesdays are workout days) therefore wherever I am I try to squeeze in a quick cardio/ HIIT or workout session depending of my agenda and meeting schedule.

As unfortunately my connection is really faulty than going to be brief but still l want to share my morning cardio blast in my hotel room (this time staying at design hotel- 25hours by Levi’s, despite of connection – really liking this trendy place). My adventures in live on Snapchat and Twitter) that could and SHOULD be replicated also in your trips or busy mornings (no excuses).
Quick Cardio blast
Warm up. Walk 5 min on a spot or a light jog.
(Do the 30 seconds for each exercise and move quickly into the next).
  • High knee sprint on the spot (as fast as you can)
  • Mountain climbers
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Burpees
  • Squat jumps
  • Air skips
  • Lateral skater jumps
  • Jog on Spot
  • Tuck jumps
  • rest 30 seconds
Repeat for total 2 to 5 sets
Cool down and STRETCH!
You will see it will energize you for the rest of the day!
What about you? Have you ever worked out during your trips/ holidays in a hotel?
Inspiration, Me & My Beau

Well, last week has been wild and difficult physically and morally therefore could not update my blog and skipped the entries about Food on Friday and Workout on Wednesday, but today is motivational Monday and time for update what actually happened to me last weekend.

On Monday and Tuesday I was in Copenhagen for work (my travel essentials can find here), than came back and than on Thursday morning I headed to Germany, where were invited to German’s Next Top Model Finale with Heidi Klum presenting it. All excited and all happy were ready for the show (with my new beauty essentials and vintage outfit-unfortunately no pictures were taken at the show with me, so cannot show it off), the show started wonderful and were really having a great time, but than the unexpected and terrible bombing threat in the middle of the show and 8000 people evacuation from the arena, ruined everything. Not only moods of thousands of people but also it made you think, HOW everything could finish at one moment, just like that! poof, and you are gone.. Scary, I must say, really scary. It made me realize HOW precious every single moment is and how fast the things can be changed and you can do nothing about it. Read More

Fit food & Drinks

Happy Friday everyone! Today is my last day at Germany (Cologne-Dusseldorf) and ready to return back to Milan.

Sometimes Friday arrives with so much fatigue and tiredness that all you want to do is to stay in, watch some good movie and relax and when there is a movie there is a automatic need for a snack too.. to avoid eating all those chips and candies I came up with a lovely alternative – vegetable chips – zucchini and radish. Easy and fast and no bad fats nor bad calories but will definitely make you lick your fingers!

here comes the recipe: Read More


Greetings from Hamburg! I am again on the road (well kind a) in Germany for a business trip. This week-hitting Hamburg,Cologne and Düsseldorf in 3,5days. As always I am on a tight schedule with travelling, running from a meeting to a meeting and messing up all my eating times and workout plan! However as a determined lady who finds solutions to every complex situation than also this trip I am finding time to workout.

As today is a Workout Wednesday than and last night could not hit the gym, as arrived at Germany at midnight, than this morning woke up at earlier to do a morning HIIT session before confronting the day. Had just 20min but made it intensive. No excuses! Here is my simple morning full body session before breakfast ( burs twice as much). Read More

During my business trips it’s hard to get to know the place you are going to, so I always try to make best out of the both, combining work and private life squeezing in some picture,note or reference about the country and people, mixing together with my personal impressions, feelings and discoveries.

This time was Munich. The mother of beer gardens, beer fests and class.
This is my impression of capital of Bavaria.
So here are some pictures caught on running from one meeting to another and from hotel to dinner without a map.
I stayed in this small but fashionable boutique hotel Falkentrum . It is right behind the main shopping street – Maximilianstrasse, where you will find all the big brands : Guchi, Dior, Chanel, Rolex, etc.etc.


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