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A realiastic plan – how to get in shape for summer

A realiastic plan – how to get in shape for summer

Reasons getting in shape and improving your overall well-being and looks varies from person to person. As for me – I have truly crystallized my reasons and turned them into goals with a milestones to reach my objectives. 

Must say it is a lot easier when you have a clear aim and have deadlines marked along the way. If you are like me, who needs to visualize the result in order to make a proper plan how to achieve it – it might help you my visual plan to get in the shape for this August.

Goal – looking amazing for my wedding day ( woot-woot) on August and on my beach holiday right afterwards in South of Italy – Clabria & Sicily.

wedding day - bride and groom

Pose it pretty

Goal – be liftable! (So the groom can lift you without any painful expression.) Note – he should be working out as well for this moment – best way to get ready – working out together! Works for us. 

(Here is a nice article I wrote for getting ready for the big day). 

The goal continuous not only for this day but also for the rest of the days. especially for the post-wedding beach hitting.

beach babe

Be the ultimate happy (aka confident) girl in the beach

Once you have a clear goal, with some visual images in your head (can try to make a visual board by sticking your pictures with your happy face on your goal bodies for inspiration and putting them in a visible place as a reminder and motivator – works for me), go with the small step planning.

First thing you need to do is to be realistic about the time in your hands. 

Don’t overestimate your possibilities and don’t aim for impossible things, like loosing 10 kg in 3 months. not saying not possible, but rather complicated and you will end up being miserable if not achieving your goal. So be realistic, base on your experience and if needed – seek for a personal trainer and dietitian help. 

From now till August are left 11 weeks or almost 3 months (OMG! ) 

Knowing me, my work and travel schedule (travelling each week in June – so meaning – lack of exercise, sleep, rest and eating clean+regular) I will not be able to loose more than 3 kgs, but this would be an ultimate goal. Therefore I should be loosing almost 300g in a week. 

Doable? Yep!looks to me. Here you go – a realistic goal!

Probably not going to have a visible six-pack, but that’s not important at all, important is to have a toned body and be happy about doing my absolute best to reach my aim.

make me proud - inspirational quote

Make me Proud

Once you have a goal you can work out on check-in points or milestones to check your progress. 

One of my milestones was a dress-fitting and overall looks in it. 

dress fitting

Dress fitting

So far – satisfied. As a critical person to myself I was expecting to look worse, but were overall happy with the general look and shape, however – can be improved (especially arms that should be toned more).

( Probably I am one of the rare- brides that does not lose weight when stressed. Just not working for me. In contrary..If you are like me – do not listen to anyone advice to eat more in order not to lose weight during stressful period. Just listen to your body and yourself so you do not end up gaining some weight).

Than of course the next milestones are weighting-in. (Decided to do once a month).

And the plan to get in shape is pretty the same as before – super hard-core dedication for clean eating in addition to increased cardio and going top work with bicycle at least 2 times per week.

In addition make some promise to yourself. I gave a pinky swear , that the next pizza I will either make myself in the green way (made from broccoli or cauliflower) and the real one will enjoy in South of Italy i n August. (As would be waiting so long, than I am sure would appreciate it a lot more) and the same for desserts- next super-sweet will be my wedding cake.

wedding cake

Wedding cake

Once you have make a pact with yourself it is easier to look for it and resist the temptations along the way.

Just remember – eyes on the prize!

eyes on the prize - motivation

Do it for yourself


What is your ultimate summer-shape goal? And what motivates you to achieve it?

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