What exercises you should do after recovering from sickenss

So I am back! Not 100 % recovered yet, but back on my feet and ready to pick up where I left before getting down with a acute bronchitis.. Sounds bad? well it was. Fever, muscle pain, dizziness. BUT that’s over and glad to getting out of bed and feeling energy returning every day more and more.

As much as I would LOVE to return to gym immediately I know it would not be a wise idea, especially being down for more than 10 days, so what I will do is to set up a recover plan to picking up with training and workout. Of course,when you sick you have to forget about dieting too as the only goal is to recover the body before getting back there and dieting, but of course – eating clean is a must, so slowly picking up. 

Second thing is exercises. Usually my training week consisted of 4-5 training days. Now for this week and the week to come I am going to do it gradually so this week 1-2 training – light activity but starting this Friday only. No heavy cardio nor HIIT in order to not get back down and stress too much organism. 

The end of next week can start of doing some more heavier lifting. But so far will work out just half amount of training regimen and just with resistance band and no weight exercises. 

workout band is my bff on my travels, so usually do that when no gym is available.

Bandel K-well resistance band

Bandel K-well resistance band

I have this nice K-well band with which I usually do whole body exercises and stretching afterwards – totally useful.

Here is a list of exercises to pick it up after recovering from sickness:

  1. lateral squat-walk
Lateral squat walk

Lateral squat walk

2. Donkey kicks

Donkey kicks with resistance band

Donkey kicks. Photo credit  http://gethealthyu.com/

3. Side lying leg rise

Side lying leg rise

Side lying leg rise


lying side clam exercise

Lying side clam exercise

5. & 6. and here are 2 exercises for arms and sholders

Arms and sholders resitance band exercises

Arms and shoulders resistance band exercises- photo credit – leanitup.com 


For all exercises do 3 x 15 repetitions and each repetition hold the extended/bent position for a second or 2 to feel the burn.

For the beginning of 1st day back – this, would be enough already, just to get your body moving without extreme stress to it.

Of course it does not need to be only with resistance band but can be also some whole body steady state exercises, pilates or yoga. Important is you just don’t overdo and put an extreme stress on your already weak body but just pick it up gradually and once regained full strength you can get back to your training routine: lifting heavy and doing cardio.

What exercises you are doing after getting back from sickness? 


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