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Hotel Gym review: Leg day at Carlton Tel Aviv

Hotel Gym review: Leg day at Carlton Tel Aviv

If been following my adventures than already know that last week were in Tel Aviv for work and as were there for 4 days than I had to adjust my workout schedule to the travel one doing my workouts on the road. Luckily form me in my hotel (Carlton – which, BTW, is A-mazing!) had also gym facilities so put my mind on peace and packed my workout equipment before hitting the road. 

As a determined lady who never skips leg day, I woke up along with the sunrise and to hit the gym. Not because I would be an early bird, but because when I am on the road there is just no way to find a time for an evening workout so prefer to rise with the birds to have one. 

Sunrise over Tel Aviv by Miss Athètique

Sunrise over the Tel Aviv from my window

Isn’t the view lovely? This view is definitely worth the early wake up despite the hard time getting out of the bed.

early morning workout selfie

That’s the best selfie I can have after waking up so early – bear with me

Carlton’s gym is open 24h therefore guessed that 6am it would be already buzzing but for my surprise I was the only one at that hour so could get some nice pictures without appearing like a stalker ad disturbing others.

At the hotel’s 15th floor is located both – gym and spa ( not opened 24/7) center that I believe is a nice touch to link a good workout session with a relaxing spa time afterwards.

Hallway to the gym

Hallway to the gym

At gym is always a receptionist to keep the track of the place.

Locker rooms at fitnesscenter

Locker rooms at fitness center

The locker rooms are nice and offers everything you need: towels as well as beauty sets so do not need to worry carrying your own things with you.

weight rack and workout corner

Weight rack and workout corner

The gym itself is not big however it has well divided by functional zones: weights, cardio and a free zone.

The gym offers even TRX as an asset to your workouts.

Running with a view to the Mediterranean sea /Carlton Tel Aviv gym review by Miss Athletique

Running with a view to the sea

Couple of treadmills, stationary bike and elliptical trainer is in a perfect position facing the Mediterranean sea making your morning workout a little bit nicer. ( Of course, I would have a running buddy crazy enough waking up so early) would definitely prefer going for a nice morning run along the coast.

Running on treadmill never been so exciting

Running with the view to the sea

While warming up were looking to the waves and surfers catching them. ( Tel Aviv has some great surfer’s spots as well and in front of my hotel was one of them – for surfer’s only! 

Smith Machine at Carlton Tel Aviv

Smith Machine

One I saw this beauty – Smith Machine – I was happy – it was everything I needed to start my Leg day properly. 

had to have a gym selfie

Had to have a gym selfie

Couldn’t not resist taking selfie before the session – had to have one before getting down to the business.

And once your training session is over you can have a nice refreshing glass of an infused water, tea, apple or re-charge your sugar levels with some Arabic sweet nibbles. 

refreshment corner at Carlton, Tel Aviv

Delicious refreshments after/ before your fitness session

To sum up – Carlton Tel Avivc gym offers all the basic things to have your workout routine: free weights, Smith machine and cardio machines and additionally gives you a free access to the facilities 24/7, a nice view, cameras showing the real time outside the beach and a great view + free supplements like water bottles, towels, etc.  Therefore definitely recommended as an approved gym to stay in shape on the road. 

In case wondering what was my Leg training routine that morning than here it is:

Leg Day at hotel’s gym:

Warm up: 15min jog on a treadmill

  • 4×15 – squat (increasing weight with an each rep)
  • 4×15 donkey kicks with a Smith Machine
  • 4×15 walking lunges with dumbbells 
  • 4×15 step ups with weights 
  • lateral squat walk (as much meters as space allows) 
  • 3×20 mountain climbers
  • 3 x 1 min plank
  • Stretching


This was my Leg Day using Carlton hotel’s gym equipment. Resistance band was mine which I usually bring with me to my travels as never sure what will find in the gym.

How are you staying fit on the road? Ever used hotel’s gym for proper training?

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