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How to stay self motivated to reach your fitness goals

How to stay self motivated to reach your fitness goals

I believe that the last years the pace of life has definitely picked up leaving less and less time for our friends, family and especially for ourselves. This hectic lifestyle, when you try to manage everything: stay on diet, lose weight, increase muscles, sleep, travel, meet friends, relax, read a book (gosh, don’t remember last time when started and actually finished the whole book less than in 6 months), build your career and invest in your future, etc. Everything is sooo much that you just cannot manage everything or just living on the run and have to say “no” to things just to manage to get through the day.

For me it has been especially hard last month as been traveling every week, working not human hours and have no time free for nothing and no one, not even myself to stick to my diet and workout program I started as my new year’s resolution. And men it is so frustrating as I supposed to be arrived at a point I could show off my progress, but no, instead I am lacking sleep, taking 7am flights every week and working till midnight + skipping gym. To sum up – no good progress so far that makes me completely frustrated and upset and sad, however this feeling are not going to change nor improve the current situation so just need to make a choice how I wish to proceed: feel sorry for myself and drop everything or just pick it up and keep going!?(..what it will be, giiiirl? )

Aaaand second choice it is! The thing about me you should know (if didn’t already) that I have super high self motivation and fighter’s spirit! Plus I do not give up when the obstacles stands in my way, but instead i find a way how to overcome them and get back on the track! So this is what I am going to do now – re-adjusting my fitness and diet plan and keep on going for my objectives!

Do not give up when the obstacles stands in your way, but instead workout a plan how to overcome them and get back on the track!

As a visual person than I need to see things, I need to visualize them to make them happen.For me helps truly my visual motivational wall I created and put up on my wall at my bedroom. it just basically consists of things I wish to achieve – like fitness goals. So every day waking up I have it in front of me as a reminder.

Try yourself for a reminder as well to put up some nice moodboard of your future you (workout goals, fitnes/beach body, future house, etc. – definitely helps to keep your head straight and focused! )

magazines moodboard

This is how I was searching for inspiration last year for my blog

So get your scissors and start building your wall. If feel something more digital – go for Pintrest or weheart it. (Feel free to friend me).

Another visual thing that gets me going is also phone and background motivational posters and quotes! Like the one below by marketing guru Noah Kagan from OrkDork and SumoMe. 

I believe this is one of the quotes that truly get’s me going and reminds me to focus on the next steps not the issue itself.

Inspirational quote

I love this inspiration words by Noah Kagan

But doing all this visual things, that definitely works for me, remember why you started! What was the reason why you wanted this! For me it was a beach body and super self confidence to have a photo session in bikini. Might be strange but for me it is more scary and the same time huuuge challenge and I am determined to reach.

Ask yourself how badly you want it and if you have what it takes to reach your objective

And I believe that each of us have some thing they are doing this for the importance is to ask yourself how badly you want it and if you have what it takes to reach your objective – I mean being realistic with yourself, your goals and capabilities. 

If you have just 2 evenings free at week – do not think you will be able to stick to a workout program you need to hit gym 4x a week. Or if you have hard time waking up don’t think you will be magically able to wake up at 6am to go for a run 3x a week before hiting uni/work. It’s not happening! Trust me! you will just end up being deluded and frustrated (just liek me) so instead try to plan ahead and adjust to your daily routine and habits and think of improvements in such. 

The most important thing is believing in yourself, focusing and not giving up when the things get rough but keep going – one step a time.

So stay tuned, I am tomorrow again catching a 7am flight to go to Gothenburg BUT already in my head packing my workout gear to not skip a training (probably will do in a my hotel’s room – you know, no gym no problem). 

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