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5 things you must get rid of after 25

5 things you must get rid of after 25

Outside is gray and rainy and I would rather stay in, under blanket with warm cup of tea and some good book“..if this would be a valid excuse to stay home and not go to work – I would definitely use it at this rainy Monday, but unfortunately it is not the case and have to force myself to leave the house and start another work week.

These kind of rainy days makes me wonder and and think about the things I wish to do and achieve as well as look back on things that I have already achieved and how many things have changed over time and how much I have changed over the time. If 5 years ago I would prefer to have million cheap outfits of a poor quality than now it is not the case anymore – i prefer to have one good quality garment in place of 4 cheap ones, the same for shoes (used to have countless pairs of poor quality shoes that killed my feet after 5 min walking.. but that’s not me anymore as well. I guess with the age it comes wisdom (mostly from experience).

Here is 5 things & habits that everyone should get rid of after 25.    1. Buy cheap things 

Things of Quality have no fear of time

Things of Quality have no fear of time

Invest in quality and you will see that in a long run it will pay off. Who haven’t wear our mom’s or grandma’s pearls or old dresses or went through their closet searching for a “treasure”?. I have so why not invest in something good that will last for a long time? Not talking only about clothing and shoes, the same for furniture and household stuff.

  2. Criticize your body 

Love your body! it's the only place you have to live in!

Love your body! it’s the only place you have to live in!

Criticizing your body won’t make you fitter or feel better about yourself! learn to love it, nourish it and spoil it (in a good way)! and you will notice a lot of positive changes in you and around you! And if you don’t feel good about your body – work for it to change it because you love it, not because you hate it! (I have loads of suggestions and workout tips, so just keep reading and subscribe to my newsletter! )

 3.  Refuse/ neglect compliments 

Say something nice everyday

Say something nice everyday

Sometimes it is so hard for us women to accept compliments, we always say: ” no! stop it! i’m such a mess! oh, this, old/ugly dress?” or just plane say nothing! Girls, learn to accept a compliment and just simply say “thank you“! You deserve to receive a compliment even if you don’t feel it is true to you it doesn’t mean it isn’t for somebody else!

       4. Spend without thinking 

Pay in cash

Pay cash

When you pay by credit card you cannot really count how much you spend by the end of the week, not talking even about month (unless you keep track of all your expenses, like I do). Good way to spend less or spend more wisely is paying with cash, as when you see the real amount of paper you are giving out for things makes you think twice before bringing the things to cashier’s desk.

5. Live for today

My dream is to have a terrace for romantic dinner or cozy breakfast

My dream is to have a terrace where you can sit and enjoy the moment in a good company


Have a plan for the future! Don’t live only for today! Start working for something that future self will be grateful for.

Also I do not know clearly what I will do in 10 years, as I have so many things I wish and plan to do that’s hard to tell, but some things is for sure: I want to have a house, I want to feel good at my house, I want to have a place where my friends can come over. I want to cook a meal for them. I want to have a beautiful studio/office at home, like this, where I can be creative.

My dream home office

My dream home office

I want to have a family and I do want to have a visit places (already have a list). And I am working for those things and I am sure I will have everything I want as long as I have a dream – vision and a will to chase down those dreams and make them a reality!

And so should you!In this dreamy Monday – what is your future plans? goals? dreams?





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