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Going bananas for bananas! This statement is so true about me (almost like Minions). Add peanut butter to bananas and you have captured my heart. Not because it is extremely good to you but also because this combination is a perfect snack to incorporate in your diet and to loose weight.

On my workout days I am always having a half or baby-banana (bananito) with a 1 1/2 teaspoon of a peanut butter (home made. So easy to make so check out the recipe here).

The great thing about banana is Read More


There are several things that gives you satisfaction in life. For me one of them is a real good workout that takes all the worries away, burns a lot and makes me feel more energetic afterwards however there are also some several rules that you shoudl take in mind to not throw away all the hard work and calorie burning you just have had.

One of the most common mistakes after workout are: Read More


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