Travel: Italian mountain getaway or in a seek of a “Green” plant Cathedral

Travel: Italian mountain getaway or in a seek of a “Green” plant Cathedral

It’s been a while since I last time managed to run away from Milan and it was not for a work.

Lately I have been travelling like a flight attendant and working day and night that’s why I said to myself (and to my boyfriend): ” That’s it! you and I need a break!and we need it now!”He completely agreed and on a sunny Sunday morning we headed North to find a place called Catedrale Vegetale – a Green tree Cathedral somewhere in mountains which was suggested by a friend . Sounded mysterious but I did not mind – in contrary was happy to get some little dose of Italian mountain beauty and have a small adventure.

The Green Cathedral
Finding the cathedral was not as easy as we though even with a navigator and GPS, so we used old fashioned way and just asked locals. (Which is actually a lot nicer way to learn about the place and get some good references and tips). the road had to cross Oltre Il Colle mountains-region to get to our destination.


How to find the Cathedral
First we stop in a small city for a coffee break and to check out a local amateur and farmers market.
..and I am ready to explore the market


Wood craft work
Wood craft work

I did like the crafty wooden animals and creatures. looked real nice.

The small mountain town was famous for their apples

Indeed we tried out an local apple pie and their type of apples that can be found in the zone and as already advised – the taste was completely different.

Apple liquor, compotes and teas

All from a farmers market. Although the prices was pretty high and main reason not to buy the nice bottle as a souvenir/gift.

after our little stop we continued our way to find the Cathedral.. But as there were no big signs we just passed by it and ended up in mountains. but to use the occasion we had a nice hike up the hill (good workout for butt and legs).
mountain exploring
view from a top of mountains

At one point we realized that we have mistaken and we had to go back, as we couldn’t see anything looking like a cathedral.. But still, the view from the up was worth the hiking and the sun was shining upon us – nothing to not enjoy!

The view from half the mountain
Explorer number 2

We went back down and there it was – a nice, big sign of the Cathedral.

Cathedrale Vegetale
Forest and nature is the answer

along the path to our destination were put some nice sayings and thoughts. This one was saying: ” You will find more in forest than in the books. Tress and rocks will teach you things that no teacher will tell you”. San Bernardo.

Cathedrale Vegetale
a place to rest and enjoy the nature

This bench was in a such a nice place – cathedral behind you and a spectacular mountain view in front of you. Just feel like sitting, resting and enjoying the moment.

Cathedral from up

*Located in Bergamo in northern Italy, the Cattedrale Vegetale (the Green or Plant Cathedral) uses trees and branches to create a cathedral-like structure at the base of Mount Arera. The five-aisle basilica gets its structure from 42 columns, formed by weaving more than 600 chestnut and hazel branches around 1,800 fir tree poles, the branches curving at the top to form the arches.   650sqmetre cathedral remains an evolving structure. (More details on BBC Travel).

Catching those rays of sunshine

Oh, this was a perfect Sunday indeed: sunny, warm, colorful, fun and adventurous + had a good walking workout. A great way to burn off some calories, get some fresh air, and relax and recharge your batteries by explore hidden gems of Italy. So must check it out for yourself!


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