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Recipe: Blueberry mousse

Recipe: Blueberry mousse

Guess who’s is back and reloaded?! 🙂 some of you may know my reasons of being absent (check my Instagram for photo-evidence), but just to justify myself and put it on the writting than I had a perfectly valid reasons to not update my blog:
a) i had to move, b) i had no electricity at my new place for a week, c) i had tendinitis in my right arm-wrist so couldn’t do anything for 10 days d) afterwards  i left for holiday for 2 weeks!
BUT i am back now and full with energy and inspiration to eat healthy, be fit and keep enjoying life on full swings! 🙂 so stay tuned!
The first thing i will do: i will share a recipe for a BLUEBERRY MOUSSE I made while on holiday’s at Latvia.
Every Latvian knows this heavenly, delicious sweet that grandmas used to make for them! no wonder it is called a Sky Semolina – (Debesmanna). it’s usually a pink colour and reminds of clouds in a sunset ^_^ however I decided to change a little bit the traditional recipe and make it purple – with blueberries! so here is how I did it!

Blueberry Mousse (4 persons):

You will need:
400ml water
300g blueberries
80g sugar(if like sweater can put 120gr)
70g semolina

Preparation time – 20min.
1. Pour in a kettle blueberries, sugar and water. Put it on the fire and constantly stear it. when it has boiled a little squeeze slightly the berries so the juice comes out. keep it boiling till all the sugar melts. (around 4 minutes)

2.while stearing add semolina and boil a little bit more till it grows. Mass must be averagely thick.

3.take off the gas and let it cool down.
4.after some 10 minutes start mixing it with a mixer so the mxtures starts growning (can use also hand but that takes a LOOOT of time and patience, so use mixer 🙂 ).

5. mixit it till it gets brighter color as well as bigger. Voilà! it’s DONE! if prefer can serve it still warm or let it coll down completely.

A perfectly delicious and fast dessert and above all – healthy! (of course can put also a lot less sugar – depending ontaste preferences, but need some to make the mass thicker).

BONUS– Nutrition facts per serving with milk:
Kcal: 207
Protein: 5
Carbs: 47
Fat: 1
Sugar: 28

I always eat it with a milk, but it can be served also alone or with different souces, like vanilla, etc. my case – I used some milk and coconut sprinkles for decoration.
perfect for breakfast as well!
enjoy! 🙂


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